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Jilin Meteorite Museum
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It is located in No. 100, Jilin Street, Jilin City. Situated at the south bank of beautiful Songhua River, the museum is close to Jiangnan Park and Shiji Square (Century Square) and is the only meteorite museum in China. At 15:02:36 on March 8, 1976, a rare meteorite shower fell in Yongji County, north suburb of Jilin City, Jilin Province, which is world well-known Jilin Meteorite Shower. It is the world’s largest meteorite shower with the largest number (138 specimens), the heaviest weight (more than 2,700 kg in total), and the widest scope (500 square kilometers). Of them, the No. 1 meteorite is the largest one known by human with a weight of 1,770 kg. The museum presents “Jilin meteorite shower exhibition” to introduce the space and meteorites knowledge in five aspects, such as overview of the universe, the solar system members, origin of meteorites, Jilin meteorite shower, and researches of meteorite. The museum collects most specimens of meteorites in Jilin and 41 meteorite specimens in other countries and territories.

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Ticket Price: adults, RMB 80 a person; students, RMB 30 a person;

Opening Time: 08:30to 16:30;

Parking: There are about 150 free parking seats in the south side of Jilin City Century Square;

Traffic: Jilin Meteorite Museum is located in Jiangnan, Jilin City, over 80 kilometers away from the airport. It will take about one hour to reach the museum from the airport; the museum is about five kilometers away from the Railway Station and the Passenger Coach Station, respectively. It will take 15 minutes from the museum to the two stations each.

Self-driving: It will take about one hour and 20 minutes to drive from Changchun speedway to go by Jiutai City to reach the destination Jilin City; get down from the speedway, drive forward to the downtown, and go by Yueshan Road, Taoyuan Road, Jilin Street to reach Jiangnan Century Square.

Tourist Bus and Bus: Take Route 1, 3, 130, 32, 52, 56, and 59 buses and get off at Century Square;

Contact Tel:0432—64661214


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