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Jilin Songhua Lake Rime
2011/04/18     Source:

Depending on the poetic beauty “winter spring”, Jilin Songhua Lake Rime, together with Cloud at Huangshan Mountain, Sunrise at Taishan Mountain, and Qiantang River Tide, is known as China’s four natural wonders. Rime is called “tree hanging” and is naturally formed during the unique geographical environment and climatic condition in Jilin City. In middle of winter, rivers in North China have been frozen. Only waters in the section of Songhua River that circles the Jilin City urban area (about 50 kilometers) still flows. The water vapor, once meeting cold air, condenses on the trees to form the Jilin Songhua Lake Rime. The beauty of the rime lies in its grand and wonderful sight. The process to view rime is described as “night to see fog, morning to see rime, and near afternoon to view falling rime-lakes”.

Rime landscapes widely spread, mainly including five major rime scenic area such as Songjiang Road City Rime Landscape, Ash Hada Open-field Rime Landscape, Hongshi Lake Above-water Rime Landscape, Beida Lake Forest Rime Landscape, and Rime Island Rime Photography Base. You can appreciate rimes in thousands of postures in different regions.
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