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Changchun World Sculpture Park (Grade AAAA tourist attraction)
2011/04/18     Source:

It is located at the south end of Renmin Street and is a theme park integrating contemporary sculpture art and showing a variety of sculpture art schools. 441 pieces of sculpture works created by 397 sculptors from 212 countries and territories in five continents are placed in the park. These works are different in materials and styles. The main stele of a piece of theme sculpture works with a theme “friendship – peace – spring” is 29.5 meters tall. The works consists of three girls and a dove of peace that represent friendship, peace, and spring, respectively. Another large-sized landscape in the park is amuseum of sculpture art that takes up 12,000 square meters. The museum sets characteristic exhibition areas that specialize in exhibiting excellent works of art with different styles from the five continents. Among them, Makonde Woodcarving, from Africa, is plain and not fancy and shows unusual imagination of the sculptors, so it is favored very much by tourists.

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Ticket Price: RMB 20 a person; museum of sculpture art, RMB 20 a person;

Opening Time: 08:00 to 16:00 in winter; 08:00 to 17:00 in summer;

Traffic: located in the south end of Renmin Street, Changchun City

Self-driving: start from the Railway Station, and drive straightly along Renminbi Street to go by Renmin Square (People Square), Gongnong Square (Worker and Peasant Square), and Weixing Square (Satellite Square) southward for 1,000 meters;

Tourist Bus and Bus: Take Route 112, 240, and 270 buses;

Contact Tel: 0431-85379001

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