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Changchun Film Century City (Grade AAAA tourist attraction)
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It is located at the Jingyue Tourism Economic Development Zone and takes up 100 million square meters. The entertainment projects at Changchun Film Century Cityinclude four parts, innovative technology, thrill of danger, performing arts, and recreation. Changchun Film Century City, known as “Hollywood in Orient”, is the first film theme park integrating the world's most advanced special-effect movies, such as laser floating films, dynamic dome films, three-dimensional giant-screen films, 4D special-effect films, and three-dimensional water-screen films. Changchun Film Century City, on basis of the theme of film culture, develops a series of film entertainment projects, mainly including Galaxy Palace Stunt Museum specializing in revealing the mysteries of film stunt, Gold Eagle Mountain reproducing millennium volcanic eruptions, Universal Forest Space Theater simulating space shuttle, eerie jungle castle, and mysterious old trees of great symbolic significance.

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Ticket Price: RMB 198 a person in winter; RMB 240 a person in summer;

Opening Time: 09:00 to 16:30 in winter; 09:00 to 17:30 in summer;

Traffic: located at 4.5-kilometer place on Changchun-Shuangliao Road, Changchun Jingyue Tourism Economic Development Zone;

Self-driving: start from East Huancheng Road to reach Shiji Square (Century Square), and drive along Jingyue Street forward to reach 4.5-kilometer place on Changchun-Shuangliao Road;

Tourist Bus and Bus: Route 102 bus (Yongchun Wholesale to Changchun Film Century City) and light rail (Railway Station to Changchun Film Century City);

Contact Tel: 0431-84550888, 84550999

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