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Changchun Lianhua Mountain (Lotus Mountain) Ski Resort
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It is located at Erdao District, Changchun City, 38 kilometers away from Changchun City urban area and merely 20 kilometers away from Changchun Longjia Airport, and takes up six square kilometers. It is the nearest ski resort away from the downtown. The ski resort contains a “freestyle aerial” venue and a “U-groove snowboarding” venue, both of which are built according to international standards. The U-groove snowboarding venue, the largest venue in China, is designed by the Swedish skiing league. At the “freestyle aerials” venue, “the 2004-2005 International Ski Federation (FIS) World Cup Freestyle Skiing Games” was held successfully. The ski resort opens six initial, middle, and senior ski runs to meet the needs of tourists with different levels. The ski runs are 3,600 meters long in total and crisscross, letting tourists gallop among mountains.

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Ticket Price: Monday to Friday: RMB 80 a person for three hours or RMB 120 a person daily; Saturday and Sunday, RMB 100 a person for three hours or RMB 150 a person daily;

Opening Time: middle November to middle March

Contact Tel: 0431-84803222, 84803333

Traffic: located at Qingshan Village, Sijia Town, Erdao District, Changchun City;

Self-driving: start from Dongfang Square, drive along Changchun-Jilin speedway south line to hit Qingshan Village, Sijia Town, and then come to the resort according to road signs;

Tourist Bus and Bus: During the skiing period, buses depart from Nanling Stadium in the urban area at 8:30 and return to the Changchun urban area from the Lianhua Mountain Ski Resort at 15:00.

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