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Jilin Shuangyang Ice Karst Cave Scenic Area
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It is located at Shanhe Village, Shuangyang District, 78 kilometers away from the Changchun City urban area, and at the Changbai Mountain branch range, with a total area of ​​4,785 hectares.There are over 300 kinds of trees and nearly 100 bird species. Here, the forest is lush, ravines grow freely, and rare rocks are rugged. The scenic area is a natural green oxygen bar as the forest coverage hits 3,500 hectares. In 2007, an underground waterfall, with a depth of 82 meters, was founded at the scenic area. The upper layer of the cave is snow and the lower layer is ice. The snow and ice does not melt all year round, which is rare in the world. The stalactites in the cave are a geological wonder formed through billions of years and record the changes of history and crust in detail.

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Ticket Information: RMB 80 a person;

Opening Time: 07:30 to 17:00, April 20 to October 30

Traffic: 13 kilometers away from Shanhe Station of Changchun-Shuangyang-Yantongshan Railway, 14 kilometers away from Shanhe Passenger Station, 44 kilometers away from Shuangyang Passenger Station, 100 kilometers away from Changchun Railway Station, and 80 kilometers away from Longjia Airport;

Self-driving: drive along Changchun-Qingshan Village road to hit Shuangyang urban area, run southward to hit Shanhe district office, run southward to reach the west side of Nanqiao Bridge, and drive according to road signs for about ten kilometers to hit Shuangyang Ice Karst Cave Scenic Area.

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