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Changchun Shaman Happy Park
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The park is located at Qingshan Village, Sijia Town, Erdao District, east of Changchun City and is adjacent to Changchun Discover Resort. The park takes up over 500,000 square meters, 35 kilometers away from the urban area. Initiating in 1999, the happy park is a natural ecological leisure park integrating ancient and modern culture, leisure and vocation, entertainment and fitness, viewing, participation, and entertainment. The park is renown in tourists depending on its healthy and natural environment, distant and magic shaman culture, unique and fashion physical education and recreation projects, and economical and practical consumption.

Related Service Information

Ticket Price: RMB 30

Opening Time: full day in summer

Traffic: 20 kilometers away from Longjia Airport

Self-driving: When reaching 36-kilometer place on Changchun-Jilin road south line, drive forward according to road signs;

Tourist Bus and Bus: get on Routine 101 bus at Renmin Square, get off at Jiangjiadao Junction, and then take taxi;

Contact Tel: 0431-84801584

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