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Changbai County Swan-watching Scenic Area (Grade AAA tourist attraction)
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It is located in the center of Changbai Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province. The Swan-watching Canyon is about 40 kilometers long. The lowest altitude is 610 meters, and the maximum altitude is 1,100 meters. The main peak of the scenicarea is Swan-watching Volcano, with an altitude of 2,051.4 meters and the second highest peak in Northeast China. The Swan-watching Volcano and Changbai Mountain constitute the ridge of Changbai Mountain range. The most representative sights in the scenic area are “eight waterfalls and ten rock-sights”, such as Feiliu Waterfall (Flying Waterfall), Muzi Waterfall (Mother and Son Waterfall), Diaoshuihu Water Fall (Kettle Hanging Waterfall), Jiudie Waterfall (Nine-folding Waterfall), Zhenzhulian Waterfall (Pearl Curtain Waterfall), Rare Rock Waterfalls, Qianzhu Peak (Thousand Columns Peak), Shizhu Peak (Stone Column Peak), Shiti Peak (Stone Ladder Peak), Kongxuekaiping Peak (Peacock Peak), and Wangu Rock (Eternal Rock).

Related Service Information:

Ticket Price: adults: RMB 100 a person; students: RMB 60 a person; groups: RMB 70 a person; electric power carts are provided in the scenic area for free of charge.

Opening Time: 08:00 to 17:00

Parking: There are two parking lots at the Toll House and the Electric Power Cart Station in the scenic area (free inquiry service is provided by internal staff), which can bear 200 vehicles simultaneously (free of charge for parking);

Traffic: Swan-watching Scenic Area is 45 kilometers away from Changbai County, 180 kilometers away from Linjiang Railway Station, and 185 kilometers away from Songjianghe Railway Station; Changbai Passenger Station Tel: 0439—8225315;


1. West Route: start from Linjiang and drive along Yanjiang Road (Coastal Road) eastward for about 180 kilometers to reach the entrance of Swan-watching Scenic Area;

2. East Route: start from Songjianghe to Changbai County urban area, and drive westward for 45 kilometers to reach the entrance of Swan-watching Scenic Area;

Contact Tel: 0439—8833777

Website: http://www.jl.gov.cn/zt/lygj/cbxly/tpxw/

E-mail: 119532987@qq.com

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