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Fusong County Lushui River National Forest Park (Grade AAA tourist attraction)
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It is located in Lushui Village, Fusong County that is situated at the upstream of Songhua River, the hinterland of Changbai Mountain, and in southeast of Jilin Province, 60 kilometers away from the main peak of Changbai Mountain and 78 kilometers away from Fusong. The hunting area has an altitude of 450 meters to 1,100 meters and takes up 35,800 hectares in total. The park is divided into Hunting Operation Area, Wildlife Breeding Area, and Diversifying Operation Area. The Hunting Operation Area consists of four open hunting areas and a close hunting area that has a hunting area of two square kilometers.

It is “hometown of Pinus koraiensis”, the only Pinus koraiensis seed stand in China and the largest Pinus koraiensis seed stand in Asia, an initial-state original forest in Northeast China and the whole nation, and called the largest “forest bath” and “oxygen bar” by tourists. The water resources in the hunting area are abundant. Interlacing streams, complex topography, and interlocking valleys and floodplains are extremely amazing. Especially, Banjie River is the most famous, and on basis of it, a lake “Biquan Lake” (also known as “Mineral Lake” is built because the lake is full of mineral water). The water area takes up over 50 mu (1 mu = 667 square meters), and average water depth is 1.5 meters.

Related Service Information

Ticket Price: free of charge

Opening Time: Full Year

Parking: There is a parking lot within the park that can bear 20 to 30 vehicles (free of charge).

Traffic: 70 kilometers between Fusong and Lushui; 32 kilometers between Lushui River and the hunting area;


Route 1: start from Jilin City, drive 200 kilometers to reach Dunhua City, additional 150 kilometers to Baihe, and additional about 60 kilometers to reach Lushui River National Forest Park;

Route 2: start from Changchun, drive 320 kilometers to reach Fusong and additional 102 kilometers to reach Lushui River National Forest Park;

Tourist Bus and Bus: There are passenger bus routes opened in the scenic area during the tourism mid-season (May to October);

Contact Tel: 0439—6120444, 13321591266

Website: http://www.youku.com/playlist_show/id_264938.html


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