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Changbai Mountain Maze Lava(Grade AAA tourist attraction)
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It is located at Hengdao Village, Liudaojiang Town, southwest of Hunjiang District, 24 kilometers away from Baishan urban area. Starting from the urban area, drive along Shenyang-Changchun road westward to reach the cave scenic area. The cave is karst landform, and the lava-type scape has two layers that cut through and twist. There are caves within caves, which are complicated and confusing. The karst landform in the cave is well-developed. Stalagmites, stone waterfalls, stone pillars, and stone flows are like animals with different manners, lifelike characters and buildings, etc. The landscape is a semi-underground karst cave constituted by water-erosion limestone 600 million years ago. There are 37 main sights in the cave, including Great Wall, fighting between a gold turtle and a crocodile, Xueli Hall, ginseng fairies, animal world, Guanyin (a Bodhisattva), and underground river.

Related Service Information

Ticket Price: RMB 25 a person

Opening Time: 08:00 to 17:00

Parking: There is a parking lot that can bear 30 vehicles (free of charge);

Traffic: Changbai Mountain Maze Lava is 24 kilometers away from the urban area and 30 kilometers away from Baishan City Railway Station and Baishan City Master Passenger Station;


1. West Route: start from Tonghua and drive along State Road 201 or Shenyang-Changchun Road eastward for 40 kilometers to reach the scenic area;

2. West Route: start from Baishan City and drive along State Road 201 or Shenyang-Changchun Road westward for 24 kilometers to reach the scenic area;

Tourist Bus and Bus: Take taxi in the urban area to reach the scenic area directly; the price is negotiable. Generally, RMB 100 is charged for a round trip in summer and RMB 120 in winter.

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