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Changbai Mountain Fusong Hot Spring Scenic Area (Grade AA tourist attraction)
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Fusong Changbai Mountain Spa Resort is located in Xianrenqiao Village, Fusong County that is known as “hometown of ginseng” at the northwest foot of Changbai Mountain and in southeast of Jilin Province. The hot spring water is high-temperature sodium sulfate radon spring. The water temperature reaches 62℃, and daily flow is 1,730 tons. The water contains many chemical elements, with a peculiar treatment effect on diseases in cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, and circulatory systems. The area is surrounded by exotic mountains, in which trees are verdant, and has a unique climate of Changbai Mountain Forest small basin.

Related Service Information:

Ticket Price: RMB 98 a person (mid-season); RMB 68 a person (off-season)

Opening Time: full year

Parking: There is a parking lot in the scenic area that can bear about 20 to 30 vehicles (free of charge);

Traffic: Fusong is 23 kilometers away from Xianrenqiao Village and 32 kilometers away from Fusong spa resort;


Route 1: The distance between Jilin City and Fusong is 400 kilometers, and then drive additional 32 kilometers to reach the spa resort;

Route 2: Start from Changchun, and drive 320 kilometers to reach Fusong (Fusong is 86 kilometers away from the west slope of Changbai Mountain and 14 kilometers away from Changbai Mountain Wanliang Ginseng Market).

Tourist Bus and Bus: There are passenger bus routines between Fusong and the spa resort.

Contact Tel: 0439—6688001, 13321596888

Website: http://www.fusong.gov.cn/

E-mail: cbswqly @126.com

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