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Chagan Hot Tourism Economic Development Zone (Grade AAA)
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It is located in northwest of Baicheng City, 45 kilometers away from Baicheng and Ulan Hot, respectively. Chagan Hot means “white city” in Mongolian. The zone takes up 172 square kilometers in total and is rich in resource, such as vast Horqin Grassland in the east and beautiful Tao’er River in the west. “Prairie scenery, moss land and lakes, wild rare birds, and Mongolian style” are four characteristic tourist attractions in the zone.

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Ticket Price: RMB 5

Opening Time: 8:00 to 18:00, April to October

Parking: There is a parking place 50 meters away in north of the Racecourse, which offers 100 parking seats; there is a parking place 50 meters away in west of Puyun Temple, which offers 30 parking seats; there is a parking place 50 meters away in north of European Style Garden, which offers 100 parking seats.

Traffic: Chagan Hot Tourism Economic Development Zone is 48 meters away from Baicheng City. Railway Station Tel: 0436-6143242; Coach Station Tel: 0436-4224915;

Self-driving: Start from Changchun, drive along the Changchun-Baicheng Road westward for 333 kilometers to reach Baicheng City, run northward from Baicheng City for 48 kilometers to reach Lingxia Village, and then drive from the downtown of Lingxia Village eastward for two kilometers to reach the scenic area.

Tourist Bus and Bus: Baicheng City to Zhenxi: 6:00 to 18:00; Zhenxi to Baicheng: 6:00 to 18:00; The Buses depart once every 30 minutes. It will take 40 minutes and RMB 9 a ticket.

Contact Tel: 0436-3356012


E-mail: lvyouju3356012@126.com

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