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Zhenlai County Momoge National Nature Reserve (Grade AAAA)
2011/04/18     Source:

It is located in Zhenlai County, Baicheng City, Jilin Province and takes up 144,000 hectares in total, including more than 80% wetland. It is the largest wetland reserve in Jilin Province, ranks the first place by comprehensive evaluation index of wetland, is known as “kidney of west Jilin”, occupies an important status in the global wetland, and possesses a variety of salient features including endangering of rare species, biological diversity, species representation, and importance of original habitats. There are 17 categories of birds, including 55 families, 295 species. There are ten species of national grade-A protected birds, over 40 species of grade-B protected birds, and 15 crane species, such as red-crowned cranes, Grus leucogeranus, Ciconia boyciana, and Aquila chrysaetos. Therefore, it is one of reserves with the most crane species in the nation. The number of Grus leucogeranus hits over 3,000 in the world and the number of cranes that migrate and stay in the reserve annually is over 2,000.

Related Service Information:

Ticket Price: RMB 80; Museum, RMB 30; Cranes Garden and Flying Bird Field, RMB 40; Birds Garden, RMB 5; Wild Goose Park and Great Bustard Park, RMB 5; Sightseeing Bus, RMB 25; yacht, RMB 30; hand-pulling boat, RMB 10; raft, RMB 10;

Opening Time: 8:00 to 18:00, April to October; 8:00 to 16:00, October to next April;

Parking: The parking lot offers over 100 parking seats for free of charge;

Traffic: 340 kilometers away from Changchun City, 180 kilometers away from Qiqihar City, 78 kilometers away from Baicheng City, and 33 kilometers away from Zhenlai County; Coach Station Tel: 0436 – 7223432; Railway Station Tel: 0436 – 6171242;

Self-driving: Start from Changchun, drive along Changchun-Baicheng first-tier road to reach Baozhen Village (There is a sign), then drive along the inter-county second-tier road to reach Zhenlai, and drive along Zhenlai-Siga second-tier road for 33 kilometers to reach the gate of the scenic area;

Tourist Bus and Bus: Take Zhenlai- Momoge Coach at the Zhenlai County Road Passenger Station, and there is a sign at the entrance of Zhenlai-Siga line (getting off at 33-kilometer place of the second-tier road). It will take 40 minutes and RMB 8 for a ticket. Coach Station Tel: 0436 – 7223432; Railway Station Tel: 0436 – 6171242;

Contact Tel: 0436-7811902

E-mail: spjilin@163.com

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