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Tongyu County Xianghai National Nature Reserve (Grade AAAA)
2011/04/18     Source:

It is located in Tongyu County, Jilin Province and is assessed to be “a natural reserve with international importance” by the World Wildlife Fund and added in "List of Wetlands of International Importance". Approved by the National MAB Committee, it joins in “Man and Biosphere Reserve Network in China” as a national forest and wildlife nature reserve. Xianghai is known as “Changbai Mountain in East and Xianghai in West” in the province. There are three water systems interchanging in the area to form two large-area reed swamps, Xianghai Reservoir and Xinglongshan Reservoir. Grasslands, lakes, marshes, sand dunes, elm forests, and shrubs crisscross and a variety of biological types penetrate, forming a unique ecological landscape in Xianghai. There are 293 kinds of birds in the area, including six kinds of cranes that are called “wetland indicator species”. Currently, the number of grade-A protected bird red-crowned cranes in the world is only about 1,500, including over 70 ones in Xianghai.

Related Service Information:

Ticket Price: Crane Island,RMB 20, Birds Garden, RMB 30, Museum, RMB 20, pleasure-boat, RMB 50, Xianghai Temple, RMB 5; the specific ticket for Crane Island, Birds Garden, and Museum, RMB 70;

Opening Time: 08:00 to 18:00, April to October; 08:00 to 16:00, October to next April;

Parking: The Crane Island parking lot is three kilometers away in southwest of Xianghai National Nature Reserve and offers 50 parking seats. The Xianghai Temple parking lot is three kilometers away in south of the county government and offers 100 parking seats. The Birds Garden parking lot has 30 parking seats.

Traffic: The Xianghai Scenic Area is 67 kilometers away from Tongyu County. Railway Station Tel: 0436-6143242; Coach Station Tel: 0436-4224915;

Self-driving: Start from Changchun, drive along the Changbai Road westward for 248 kilometers to reach Tongyu County urban area, turn north at the South Turntable to straightly run two kilometers to reach the North Turntable, and run northwest from the North Turntable (along Xianghai Road) for 67 square meters to reach the Xianghai Scenic Area.

Tourist Bus and Bus:

1. Round trip between Changchun and Xianghai

Changchun to Xianghai: 06:30; get on at Kaixuan Road Passenger Station;

Xianghai to Changchun: 14:30; get on at Xianghai Station;

2. Round trip between Tongyu and Xianghai

Tongyu to Xianghai: 06:00 to 16:00;

Xianghai to Tongyu: 05:30 to 15:00

Contact Tel: 0436-4588392

Website: www.xianghai.org.cn


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