With mighty ancient customs and simple folk custom – Chatiao Village  2013-02-26
Beautiful home beside Hailan River – Guangdong Village  2013-02-26
To taste matsutake in Wangjiang Pavilion – Sanhe Village  2013-02-26
Oriental first village – Fangchuan Village  2013-02-26
Small apple pulls big industry – Mengling Village  2013-02-26
Korean style picture - Yanji City Zhongping Village  2013-02-26
Flower-flushed village –Jindal Village  2013-02-26
Pearl of China’s wood capital - Wangqing County Zhongping Village  2013-02-26
Green mountains and rivers give birth to "Party Love Apartment" – Shuikou Village  2013-02-26
Rural eco-tourism village – Yaodian Village  2013-02-26
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