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Jilin City Sully Supports the Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Strategy
2013/06/17     Source:

Jilin City, located in the hinterland of Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Development and Open-up Pilot Area, is spending efforts to build a new economic growth pole with 10 major functional areas as the core.

Jilin Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone is stepping toward to the goal to become domestic advanced high-tech industry gathering area, the northeast region's largest power and electronics industry base, domestic well-known micro-car industry base and domestic first-class cloud computing services industry demonstration base. The North Zone is generously planning the construction of Changchun-Jilin integrated development pilot area, the province's strategic emerging industries cluster area, domestic first-class equipment manufacturing base and domestic leading science and technology park. Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone focuses on developing five major industrial bases, fine chemical, new material, biology, equipment manufacturing and modern logistics bases and making full efforts to build "China Carbon Valley" with special fiber (carbon fiber) as the core. The chemical industry recycling economy demonstration area insists on the recycling economic development principle of reduction, reuse and recycle and concentrates on improving six major industrial chains, petrochemicals, bio-chemicals, new chemical materials, fine chemicals, new energy and auto ancillary chemicals. Jinzhu Industrial Zone is gradually forming an industrial cluster led by iron and steel, carbon and paper making to realize a "closed chain" for comprehensive utilization of resources. Hadawan Services Concentrated Area will build a new model of industrial transformation, waterfront and livable eco-city, Changchun-Jilin-Tumnen modern service industry intensive development demonstration zone. The South New Zone is starting the construction of four major functional areas, riverside ecological residential area, coastal ecological residential area, financial conference and exhibition area and administrative business central area. Songhua Lake Tourism Functional Area is spending efforts to build the northeast region's quality tourism attraction, national leisure resort and international eco-tourism model. Beidahu Sport Tourism Economic Zone mainly launches tourism products with skiing, hot springs and health as the core and conducts high-standard planning and construction of five functional areas, tourism-style town, multicultural area, spa well-being area, leisure agriculture area and outdoor sports area (Winter Olympics Village). Sino-Singapore Food Zone plans and builds six functional areas, high-quality food processing park, warehousing and logistics area, modern commercial and residential area, office and research area, leisure and holiday area and landscape and green land area in the 57-square km land through in-depth cooperation with Singapore.

All the functional areas with integration development, dislocation development and characteristic development are economic growth poles. They accelerates docking with Changchun and expands to the eastern region through in-progress Jilin-Caoshi speed highway, Changchun-Jilin north first-tier highway, Changchun-Jilin south first-tier highway and Jilin-Hunchun railway passenger line and to-be-expanded Changchun-Jilin speed highway to form an economic corridor running through the middle of the northeast region.

In 2013, Jilin City started construction of ten major functional areas, showing a "blowout" situation. Planned a total new construction and development area of above ​​10 square km and to build new roads of 79 km and new pipelines of 109 km, increase new heating area of 2.915 million square meters and power supply capacity of 390,000 kVA and constantly improve the supporting infrastructure of each functional area; further enhance the output of automotive chemical raw materials and the R & D and production ability of complete vehicle and parts, expand Jianlong Iron & Steel as a support to FAW and co-ordinate the development of chemical, automobile, metallurgy and other pillar industries; highlight the grasp of 90 above RMB 30 million strategic emerging industrial projects based on five major industries, synthetic materials, biotechnology, new energy, new equipment manufacturing, cloud computing center and software outsourcing and build a differentiated height of strategic emerging industries as Changchun; accelerate construction of a green, eco and organic agricultural product production and processing industry chain based on the core of Sino-Singapore Food Zone, focus on implementing projects such as deep processing of Fuyuanda corn and series of heath food, refined processing of Deya rice bran oil and Sichuan Milaotou leisure puffed food project with annual output of 30,000 tons and fully promote construction of the province's  advanced agricultural processing demonstration areas including those in Jiaohe; start construction of projects such as Vanke Songhuahu international tourist resort, Shengdequan leisure agriculture and spa resort, Beidahu Marriott Hotel, actively promote the tourism cooperation with Changchun and Yanbian and build Changchun-Jilin-Tumen fine tourism routes.

In accordance with the annual plan of Jilin City, by the end of this year, the GDP, local fiscal revenue and above designated-size industrial added value of the 10 major functional areas will account for 42%, 42% and 82% of the city's total; implement 100 infrastructure projects and complete annual investments of RMB 10 billion; implement 350 key industrial projects and complete annual investments of RMB 60 billion; achieve paid-in business and investment solicitation capital of RMB 35 billion and finance RMB 10 billion.

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