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The provincial industrial and commercial system boosted the development of the private economy
2013/04/03     Source:

The industrial and commercial authorities at all levels in Jilin Province made great efforts in "five services", broke the ice and removed obstacles for the development of the private economy, so as to promote the province's private economy to achieve great development and rapid development.

So far, the province has a total of 1.151 million private market players. Among them, there are 160,000 private enterprises, with the registered capital of 341.83 billion yuan; and there are 991,000 individual industrial and commercial households, with total capital investment of 41.16 billion yuan. To implement the Opinions of Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Government on Highlighting the Development of the Private Economy, the Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau fully performed its functions and launched five services.

- Further improve the policy optimization service. Actively guide all types of investors to make good and full use of the policies and measures introduced by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, mobilize the enthusiasm of all-people business startup to the maximum degree, and give better play to hasten generation, fast generation and optimized generation effect of policies and measures.

- Further improve the access registration service. Strengthen the construction of registration windows at all levels, implement "one-time inform", "one examination and one approval", “handling within time limit”, “booking service”, “delayed service", "green channel" and other systems, and constantly improve the efficiency of online registration and online annual inspection.

- Further improve the entrepreneurial boot service. Insist on early intervention, key-point guiding, and tracking services, further optimize services initiatives such as access of market players of key projects, market player information analysis and release, market access demand processing and guide processing, stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, enhance entrepreneurial confidence, and promote the main players in the market to develop more and bigger.

- Further improve the main player development service. Continue to give play to the role of “three financing platform”, encourage and guide enterprises to create well-known trademarks. Expedite the construction of the advertising creative industrial park, to nurture ads backbone leading enterprises. Strongly support the orderly development of farmer cooperatives and agricultural material business entities. Give full play to the role of private associations as bridge and link, and guide private enterprises to operate business with integrity by law.

- Further improve the regulation and law enforcement service. Continue to improve the way of law enforcement, actively promote harmonious law enforcement, and insist on giving priority to educating and giving a lesser punishment to the market players’ general illegal behaviors which have no subjective intent, no similar offenses record, and no harmful consequences to society, and can be corrected in a timely manner. Deepen classified supervision of credit, intensify anti-counterfeit, severely crack down on acts of unfair competition, and create a fair competitive market environment for the main players in the market to become bigger and stronger.

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