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Jilin Economic Development Zone promoted the sustainable development of the private economy
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In recent years, Jilin Economic Development Zone promoted the sustainable development of the private economy, solved difficulties for corporate development in an all-round way from investment promotion, building of a service platform and promotion of corporate structure optimization and industrial upgrading, to maintain the strong momentum of development of private enterprises. Currently, there are 1592 private enterprises in the zone, accounting for 97% of the total number of enterprises in the zone.

Carry out investment promotion, and focus on grasping the private enterprises that have strong ability to adapt to the market and strong vitality for development. Since 2009, Jilin Economic Development Zone organized various forms of investment promotion activities in more than 30 major cities, such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, and focused on tracking 397 private enterprise projects. Furthermore, it organized professional investment promotion teams to head for Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Sea, Hong Kong and Macao to carry out special investment promotion, and established long-term contacts with 120 domestic chambers of commerce and associations. In 2012 alone, the zone contracted 57 privately operated project investment contracts (agreements), with total contractual investment of 16 billion yuan.

Strengthen services, and promote the construction of the projects. In recent years, the zone tackled difficulties for project construction, developed and perfected the project promotion mechanism. The Management Committee held the project scheduling meeting on a regular basis, sorted out the problems, assigned the responsibilities, processed and settled within specified time, so as to vigorously promote the construction of the new projects as a whole. At the same time, it established the “running, nanny and precise” service mode. It adhered to scheduling every week, summarizing every month, finished studying problems within the same day, definitely avoided "never again" and other problems, and went all out to serve the development of private enterprises.

While attracting large and strong projects, it made full efforts to promote corporate optimization, transformation and upgrading. First, centering around such two industries as fine chemicals and new materials, it supported backbone enterprises such as Cornell Chemistry, Zhongxin Chemical and Sino-steel Carbon Fiber to establish engineering technology R & D centers, key laboratories and other scientific research and development institutions, so as to improve the capability of independent innovation of enterprises. Second, it gave play to the effective function of Fine Chemical Incubator Park to promote the enterprises to deepen cooperation with universities and research institutions, so s to enhance SMEs' core competitiveness. Third, it enhanced support to corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, nurture high-tech enterprises, innovative enterprises and patent model enterprises.

Good environment promoted the rapid development of private enterprises. Since this year alone, the zone has signed 52 agreements on private economy entering the zone, with total investment amounting to 12.63 billion yuan; 33 other private continued projects have gradually returned to work; and it is expected that 31 private projects with investment of more than 100 million yuan will start construction in April.

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