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Bank of Jilin boosts the development of the private economy
2013/04/02     Source:

Since its inception, Bank of Jilin has actively innovated its financial products and service forms, and accumulatively lent 166.582 billion yuan to nearly 5000 private enterprises, including more than 4,500 small micro enterprises, and more than 60,000 self-employment ventures.
order to better serve the local economy and serve the private enterprises, Bank of Jilin has taken the lead among the urban commercial banking system all over the country in setting up a small enterprise financial service institution - Bank of Jilin small enterprise financial service center, has actively explored tackling the problem of financing for small enterprises, studied and developed the mass financing mode, coordinated the Office of Industry and Information Technology, real estate, land and other departments to provide "one-stop" financing services for small enterprise customers, build a small enterprise credit facility, shorten the examination and approval links and time limit, and increase the speed of loan approval.
Bank of Jilin
insists on practicing the innovative thinking of "innovating marketing ideas, innovating financing modes, innovating channels of cooperation, innovating financing products, and innovating credit management", continuously deepen the financial services for the upstream and downstream core enterprise customers, the small enterprise customers within the industrial agglomeration areas, the commercial tenants within the professional markets, the monomer quality small enterprise customer and other target customers, constantly cater to the market demand, innovate the financing products, integrate and develop such 3 financing products as “Jisudai”, “Jixianglian” and “Jijutong”. To vigorously support “three rural” construction, the bank has tailored the product named "Huinongbao" to meet the needs of the agricultural material industry, break the bottleneck of lack of financing guarantees, and embed the financial services in production, operation and other links of the agricultural material industry.
2013, Bank of Jilin will continue to maintain an average annual loan growth to private enterprises of not less than 33.55%, will spend 60% of the new loans of the entire bank in supporting the development of the private economy, and will further increase credit to private enterprises.

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