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Changchun City introduced the "Opinions on Highlighting the Development of the Private Economy"
2013/04/02     Source:

On the morning of March 28, the good news released from Changchun highlighting the development of the private economy cum soft environment construction work meeting was exciting. In order to further promote the city's private economy development to increase the speed, raise the proportion, and improve the quality, and realize fast development and great development of the private economy, Changchun City has introduced the "Opinions on Highlighting the Development of the Private Economy", to provide effective protection for the private economic development from policy service, institutional mechanism improvement and other aspects.
The "Opinions" has pointed out that in the next five years, the private economy in Changchun City will achieve bigger total, effective increment, more optimized structure, stronger leader, finer products and long chain, and achieve the overall target of double growth in the key indicators. In scale, by 2017, the private economy’s main business income will reach more than 2 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 15%; its added value will reach 435 billion yuan; and the number of private enterprises will reach more than 100,000. In structure, by 2017, the proportion of the private economy’s added value in the city's GDP will rise from 44.4% to about 50%; the proportion of the taxes paid the private economy in the overall financial income will rise from 33% to 42% or more. In efficiency, by 2017, the tax revenue the private economy turned over will reach 60 billion yuan or more, with an average annual growth rate of 15% or more; and the city's private economy will employ 2.52 million people or more.
At the same time, the city will adhere to four combinations, promote five major projects, solve six problems, and give play to the role of four areas. That is, adhere to combining the development of the private economy with promoting the Changchun-Jilin-Tumen development and opening up strategy, expanding pillar industries, promoting the new type of urbanization, and investment promotion; promote such five major projects as “all-people business startups, investment promotion, quality enhancement, cluster development, and market cultivation”; update the concept of development by emancipating the mind, enhance development ability by increasing investment, develop the market players by introducing foreign talent and training domestic talent, enhance endogenous power by technological innovation, optimize the development environment by implementation of policies, eliminate obstacles for development by structural reform,  make the private economy in Changchun City become a breakthrough for reform and opening up, a new force for economic growth, a new starting point for structural adjustment, and a main source for expansion of employment.
The "Opinions" stressed that Changchun City will focus on expanding areas for investment of private enterprises, and​ further relax market access conditions; will encourage all-people business startups, and make great efforts to cultivate the main players in the market; will support scientific and technological innovation, and enhance the endogenous motivation for development of private enterprises; will support developing new markets, and expand the development space for private enterprises; will strengthen financial services, and support multi-channel financing of private enterprises; will promote enterprises’ cluster development, and greatly enhance the overall quality of private enterprises; will improve the fiscal and taxation policies and intensify tax support; will strengthen service, and make efforts to improve the environment for development; and will strengthen organizational leadership, and provide effective protection for the development of the private economy.

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