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All localities in Jilin Province promote the rapid development of the private economy
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The private economic development in our province is facing a new historic opportunity. It is imperative to accelerate the development of private economy and foster new economic growth points.
To provide more convenient and efficient service for the development of private enterprises, do everything possible to help enterprises solve the difficulties in financing, employing and innovation, jointly create a favorable environment for the development, promote the healthy growth, development and expansion of private enterprises... toward the common goal of promoting the rapid development and great development of the private economy, all the cities and prefectures in the province are pragmatically push forward at full speed  without delay.
Changchun City will guide more private capital to invest in major projects by packaging projects, allow the private economy to gain more market opportunities in strengthening the city through industry development and the service industry transformation and upgrading, attract private capital through the integration of industrialization and urbanization and the urban-rural integration pilot program, combine with developing an innovative city, implementing innovation-driven and localization of pioneered technological achievements, and make the private economy, especially the innovative private enterprises, become a new force to promote a new round of growth.
Through measures such as implementing various preferential policies, further promoting the construction of the credit guarantee system, strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between banks and enterprises, establishing and improving the service platform for SMEs, vigorously promoting technological progress of SMEs, strengthening the construction of the technical service platform, and optimizing the environment for economic development, Siping City will strengthen external support to the private economy, so as to further promote the development of the private economy.
Tonghua City will increase and expand the main players in the market, accelerate the basis and support for the development of the private economy, put forth effort to form the pattern of “large enterprises propping up the sky, SMEs blotted out the sky and the land”, and help enterprises overcome difficulties. Adhere to the institutional innovation, technological innovation, and management innovation. Adhere to "attracting large enterprises, introducing strong enterprises, and selecting outstanding enterprises, do a good job in attracting investment, and put forth effort to promote cluster development. Give prominence to the construction of 10 key characteristic parks such as pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, Changbai Mountain Medicine Valley, and Xinggang New District, and put forth effort to strengthen the building of the social service system.
Baishan City will establish the concept of "supplying water and returning oil, and supplying water for fish", and help private enterprises to break the bottleneck of development. Introduce preferential policies, and encourage investment with extraordinary land and tax policies. The enterprise which settles in the characteristic parks or the entrepreneurship incubators for development can be exempted from taxes of real estate and land its uses within five years, and the retained part of the taxes it turns over to the local tax will be returned. Relax entry conditions for the private enterprises in line with the industrial policy. Implement "low threshold" and "zero threshold", allow the enterprise with registered capital of less than 500,000 yuan to make zero down payment for registered capital, and support small and micro enterprises to enter the industries and projects which are not prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.
Yanbian Prefecture will take effective measures to promote the great and rapid development of the private economy across the prefecture. Actively help private enterprises to solve practical problems such as financing, examination and approval, study and formulate more effective policies and measures, protect the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises in accordance with the law, create a relaxed policy environment for the rapid development of private enterprises, and stimulate the enthusiasm of all-people business startups. Further implement the policies to support business startup, support returning home workers and laid-off workers to start their own businesses, stimulate the business startup aspirations of various types of workers, and broaden ideas of business startup.
Songyuan City will place the development of the private economy in a more important position in the government work. The first executive meeting of the fifth Songyuan municipal government has discussed and adopted the Implementation Opinions of Songyuan City on Promoting the Development of Small and Micro Enterprises, appropriately refined 23 new regulations from such four aspects as policy, funding, financing, and soft environment that restrict small and micro enterprises, to lower the “economic threshold” "and the "administrative threshold” to the maximum degree, and effectively “alleviate burdens” on private enterprises.

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