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Yanbian Prefecture spares no effort to develop the private economy
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In 2012, Yanbian Prefecture’s private economy realized main business income of 161.9 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 23.4%; the private economy across the prefecture realized added value of 39.25 billion yuan, with the proportion in GDP increased to 51.3% from 33.4% in 2006;
The proportion of paid taxes in local fiscal revenue was increased from 57.9% to 69.2%; a total of 557000 people were employed in the private economy, and its proportion in the total number of the prefecture's urban workers was increased from 49.3% to 84%. This bundle of figures portrays the rising icon of the booming private economy in Yanbian Prefecture. In recent years, Yanbian Prefecture has promoted rapid development of the private economy with the take-off plan for the private economy as the main line and the year of service for the private economy as the carrier. The private economy not only occupies half of the total economy, the boom of all-people business startups has also made the private economy "flourish".
Since 2004, Yanbian Prefecture has relied on the advantage of regional ethnic autonomy, combined with its reality, issued the Ordinance on Promoting the Development of the Private Economy, the Ordinance to Protect the Interests of Enterprises and Enterprises Operators and a series of plans for take-off of the private economy, and continued to create a sound legal environment and fair competition environment for the private economic development. To “set up the stage” for the development of the private economy, Yanbian Prefecture has taken full advantage of policies such as regional ethnic autonomy, large-scale development of the western region, revitalization in the northeast old industrial base, first try and going, to attract and support business startup and investment of the whole society.
More than 200000 Yanbian people work outside all the year round, and annual foreign labor income can reach $ 1 billion or so. Former workers are gradually turning into entrepreneurs. As of 2012, the prefecture has a total of 10,874 private enterprises of various kinds and 117,800 individual industrial and commercial households, has supported 23000 people to start up business, and driven 82000 people to be employed. In order to provide intellectual support and personnel guarantee for the private economy, Yanbian Prefecture has actively pushed forward the “project for growth of one thousand enterprises" and the "ten thousand entrepreneurs, ten thousand small business owners" training project, and extensively carried out skill improvement training for professional managers, various employed persons as well as on-the-job, rotation staffs. Director of SME Development Division of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Yanbian Prefecture Yang Hui told the reporter: "In order to provide the newly created enterprises with little money, no land and no plant with a carrier for further development, nine provincial entrepreneurship incubators have been established across the prefecture, and more than 100 enterprises have entered the incubators."
Furthermore, Yanbian Prefecture has set up SME Guarantee Company, to provide guarantee for private enterprise loans, but also has vigorously developed civil guarantee institutions and small loan companies. In 2012, 8 financing guarantee institutions across the prefecture increased guarantee loans of 1.3 billion yuan; 40 small loan companies increased loans of 1.1 billion yuan; the financial institutions across the prefecture issued total loans of 43.3 billion yuan to enterprises.
While expanding the total quantity of private enterprises, Yanbian Prefecture pays more attention to enhancing the quality of enterprises, encourages private enterprises to enhance the capability of independent innovation, and strengthen new product development. Hunchun Guoyao Bocheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in UAV manufacturing and sales, and remote sensing image processing, and the company’s UAV production line will be officially put into operation by “May Day” of this year, and the output value is expected to reach 60 million yuan. General manager Li Guozhe told the reporter: "As a small science and technology enterprise, we have not only been given financial support nationally and locally, but also been given policy support, so that the burden on us is relieved and we can focus on making our own high-end products."
As of 2012, the prefecture has 182 private technology and high-tech enterprises, has 320 national patents, and the science and technology investment has reached 36.96 million yuan, increased by 28.34 million yuan over 2006, with an average annual growth of 33.8%. One specialty product brand after another has come into being. 8 brands such as "Koryo Village" have been awarded "China Famous Brand", 94 brands such as "Jingang shan" have been awarded “Jilin Province Famous Brand", and 31 brands such as "Champions of the Earth" have been awarded "Jilin Province Famous-brand Products".
Development and opening up has been the highlight of Yanbian which is located on the border. It has always held high the banner of international cooperation and development in the Tumen River region has effectively led the development of Yanbian’s export-oriented private economy. In 2012, the total import and export of the prefecture as a whole cumulatively reached $ 2.06 billion, in which, private foreign trade enterprises achieved $ 1.57 billion, accounting for 76% of the prefecture's; 58 billion yuan of domestic investment funds were paid in, the actual use of foreign investment reached $ 250 million, China's Zijin Mining, Hangzhou Wahaha, South Korea's Hyundai and Posco, and a number of large enterprises and groups settled in Yanbian; its tourism received more than 10 million person-times, becoming Yanbian’s pillar industry, with tourism revenue up to 13.64 billion yuan.

The provincial meeting of highlighting the development of the private economy on February 25 like a gust of strong easterly has injected vitality into the development of private enterprises, but also has undoubtedly brought new opportunities for the development of the private economy in Yanbian Prefecture. The Chamber of Commerce directly under Yanbian Prefecture Federation of Industry and Commerce held a forum with entrepreneurs in a timely manner, at which the persons in charge of the member enterprises discussed 40 articles of the province’s opinions on highlighting the development of the private economy.
Vice president of Yanbian Prefecture Federation of Industry and Commerce and president of the Chamber of Commerce directly under the Federation Liu Chunzhi told the reporter: the convening of such large-scale private economy meeting in the province reflects the importance of the private economy. The 40 articles of opinions show great paces, and the effective implementation will lay a solid foundation for the revitalization of our private economy. New enterprises will fully enjoy such good policy as being exempted from property tax and land use tax within two years from the date of going through tax registration formalities, and old enterprises should find development opportunities therefrom. The successful development of private enterprises can also contribute to strengthening the province and the country.
General manager of Hunchun Guoyao Bocheng Technology Co., Ltd. Li Guozhe said: “The 40 articles of opinions issued by the province gives our private enterprise unprecedented support, and particularly gives us the backbone in supporting scientific and technological innovation. Furthermore, actively opening government purchasing to private enterprises enables us to see the direction of expanding the corporate market in the future.”
According to director of SME Development Division of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Yanbian Prefecture Yang Hui, Yanbian Prefecture will combine with the 40 articles of opinions of the province to introduce relevant implementation advice. This advice will not only contain the articles with high gold content, strong operability and conformity with the reality of Yanbian from the 40 articles of opinions of the province, but also will add the policies necessary for Yanbian, so as to spare no effort to support private enterprises.

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