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Snowy Ginseng Town Blossoms an Extraordinary Splendor- Record of actual events on promoting the tourism industry development by Fusong County
2016/11/03     Source:

Jinjiang huts in snowy Manjiang Town welcome guests from all directions.

Tourists enjoying the fun of winter rafting in Lushuihe National Forest Park 

Photo by Zhang Qingqiang

Green mountains, gorgeous woodlands and refreshing air are the ecological advantage for the development of tourism in ginseng town Fusong County. In recent years, Fusong's tourism development has entered the "fast lane". In addition to the bestowed "good mountains, good water and good air", we can learn experiences from the development idea and practice of setting the county with ecology, revitalizing the county with green and strengthening the county with industries adhered by Fusong County. 

Fusong attracts visitors from all directions in winter. 

Around the Spring Festival, Changbai Mountain International Resort was popular. Ski resorts, theaters, hotels, spas and other places were packed by visitors from different places. "Here's ecological environment is too good and the snow is too intoxicated. After I send the photos shot to my friend circle, it has won unprecedented praises in a moment," happily said Henan University student Li Jiaming coming here from Nanjing by plane. 

What makes Fusong attract attention from different places? 

Green mountains, gorgeous woodlands and refreshing air are the ecological advantage for the development of tourism in ginseng town Fusong County, a green city at the foot of Changbai Mountain. 

"China's best eco-leisure tourism county", "national tourism standardization demonstration county", "top ten green eco-tourism destinations", "China's most beautiful eco-tourism destination" and "China's top 100 deep breath towns" are sparkling city cards built by Fusong's tourism. 

A group of clear data show the rapid development of Fusong's tourism. In 2013, Fusong County's tourist attractions received tourists for 1.1 million person times and recorded tourism income of RMB 1.24 billion; received tourists for 1.23 million person times and recorded tourism income of RMB 1.38 billion in 2014; received tourists for 1.5 million and recorded tourism income of RMB 1.65 billion in 2015, both showing a geometric growth momentum. 

From the natural advantages to the growth of the tourism industry and the change to global tourism, it embodies efforts made by Fusong for developing tourism. 

The new leading body of Fusong County firmly seizes the favorable opportunity that the country promotes the ecological civilization construction and the policy opportunity of building the green transformation and development area in east Jilin Province, adheres to the development idea of establishing the county with ecology, revitalizing the county with green and strengthening the county with industries, and actively build the tourism industry to be an "image industry" for building an ecological economy city, a "leading industry" for strengthening the county and enriching the people and a "support industry" for the county economy so that the tourism industry is becoming a booster for green restructuring and development and a new engine for economic growth. 

The ecological outlook is improving and the tourism environment is steadily growing. 

"Fusong's tourism environment has undergone tremendous changes in the recent two years. In the past, every place is chaotic and makes me feel uncomfortable. Now, it is clean, tidy, normative and civilized everywhere, making me keep eyes polished," praised Shandong tourist Ms. Miao after going sightseeing in Fusong for a few days. 

In recent years, Fusong County has firmly grasped the critical link of ecological restoration, taken "five greens" such as protecting green ecological resources, enriching the green development mode and building a green urban and rural environment as a lead, and constantly consolidated the tourism infrastructure so that the tourism environment has changed rapidly. Lushuihe National Forest Park has invested RMB 200 million in succession to build a hunting cultural center, cultural square, villa group and conference building and rebuild the tourist center, successfully upgraded to be a 4A-level tourist attraction and become the province's education and practice base for teenagers; Changbai Mountain Henghui Mountain villa completed building a large local specialty tourism shopping supermarket with an area of 1,400 square meters and a tourist dining division with an area of 800 square meters; invested RMB 200 billion to complete building a 17-storey hot spring relocation building and a 15-storey quasi five-star hotel in Xianrenqiao Hot Spring Resort; Xinglong agricultural ecology garden built a catering service center, staff quarters and an agricultural eco-tourism botanical garden. Placed 25 electronic touch screens in Changbai Mountain Airport, tourist attractions and star hotels to provide convenient travel information for visitors from the outside. With the constant improvement of the quality of tourist attractions, Fusong's charm is constantly being embodied.  

In addition, the fast and convenient traffic condition gives bonus points to Fusong's tourism. In 2015, with the completion and operation of Fusong-Changchun Expressway and Jingyu-Songjianghe Railway, Fusong has formed a three-dimensional traffic network integrating roads, railways and aviation, greatly improving the county's carrying capacity and development space. "It took six to seven hours from Changchun to Changbai Mountain in the past, making visitors feel tired, and now it needs only about three hours, facilitating visitors very much. Especially, the section in Fusong is covered by snow, making visitors feel swim in a picture," excitedly communicated with the reporter by Changchun photographer Mr. Yue who has just driven out of Changbai Mountain toll station while taking photo. 

Thanks to the attractive Changbai Mountain scenic area and increasingly improved infrastructure, Fusong has built Changbai Mountain International Resort, Lushuihe international hunting area, hot spring international resort, ginseng museum, Songhua River rafting and other characteristic tourism areas and had eco-tourism, competitive sports, leisure vocation, science exploration, cultural origin investigation and other tourism products, constantly attracting domestic and foreign tourists. 

Promote tourism projects in a collective way so that the agglomeration effect continues to highlight. 

With the escalation of the consumption demand, how can Fusong enable tourists to have something to play and play, live and eat well and more profoundly interpret the connotation of "the most beautiful, livable, suitable-to-business and suitable-to-tourism county"?     

"The project construction is the tourism development's support and inexhaustible motive force as well as a breakthrough for the tourism industry to achieve a leapfrog development," said the county tourism bureau director Zang Hongmei with certainty. 

The inventive stationing of large funds and projects has become a catalyst to boost Fusong to achieve the great development of tourism. Wanda Changbai Mountain International Resort with a total investment of RMB 23 billion, relying on Changbai Mountain's non-duplicable natural beauty and cultural heritage, has been built to be an integrated leisure resort integrating mountain sports, skiing, hot springs, hotels, theaters, cinemas, etc. 

Jilin Luneng Manjiang eco-tourism development project with a total investment of RMB 11.8 billion is expected to start construction in May. It will build a five-star international business conference hotel, super five-star international business conference hotel, super five-star spa resort hotel, leisure forest sports park and hotel apartment building as well as supporting commercial facilities, a business club and an eco-tourism resort. Guangze Changbai Mountain tourist resort with a total investment of RMB 12 billion plans a land area of 118.4 hectares, has a total construction area of about 1.5 million square meters, plans to build itself to be a high-end tourism, leisure and health resort, and has completed an investment of RMB 500 million. 

In every place the reporter reaches in Fusong, tourism projects are being built and new scenic spots will make a wonderful debut. CYTS Shangcheng Changbai Mountain • Kanto Cultural Industry Park with a total investment of RMB 6.2 billion and a total construction area of about 900,000 square meters, mainly builds a Kanto-style town, Baotan altar, tourist distribution center, reception center, exhibition and trade center, TCM health resort, etc., has completed an investment of RMB 50 million and will become a new landmark with Fusong characteristics for Changbai Mountain's cultural tourism cities. Jishi Media Changbai Mountain tourism resort with a total investment of RMB 1 billion has completed an investment of RMB 5 million. 

"Fusong, with a unique geographical location, has a rich Kanto style and high-quality investment environment. We want to integrate local tourism with cultural resources, deeply inherit and play the Changbai Mountain culture and build it to be a Kanto uptown of Changbai Mountain," said Fusong CYTS City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Haoyu confidently. 

A series of generous and big investments enable the local tourism to witness a qualitative improvement and be highly appreciated by tourists. "In the past, I came to Changbai Mountain to watch Tianchi. Now, at Wanda Changbai Mountain International Resort, I really enjoy a cozy and comfortable mountain resort life," said Shanghai tourist Li Jun. 

Achieve integrated development, collaborative promotion, powerful combination and regional linkage. 

Walking into Jinjiang Hut Village, the reporter saw more than 50 civilian houses. During the Spring Festival, each hut hangs red lanterns so that the festive and warm traditional Spring Festival air in the northeast region blows on faces and this village on the top of Changbai Mountain is indeed popular this Spring Festival. 

More than a dozen of traditional folk projects, such as ox-drawn sledges, forest chant, pancake workshops, hunter families, bean curd workshops and shaman huts, as well as "skills in various types of combats" are performed together. Visitors with different accents delight and never feel tried. 

"Many tourists have a keen interest on the scenery and folk customs here, are reluctant to leave and introduce the hut village to their friends in wechat," said Jijiang hut folk culture tourism cooperative Chairman Miao Jian happily. Miao Jian subsequently displayed a number of screenshots of pictures posted by tourists in wechat. "I come from Qingdao and Jinjiang is beautiful." "Your village is good and I will introduce guests to you next year." "Continue to keep this simple and non-commercial style." 

Integration is a kind of productivity and an important way for the tourism industry to upgrade. To this end, Fusong County actively promotes the construction of main functional areas for county tourism, integrates culture, fashion and traditional elements, and fully enhances the county's tourism environment. Strengthen the integrated development of tourism with ecology, culture and agriculture, accelerate the integrated development of agriculture and tourism around the theme "deep breath and slow life", build a batch of characteristic eco-leisure mountain villages and agricultural sightseeing parks, develop leisure health travel and rural slow passenger travel and plan and build two leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration areas. Accelerate improving "eating, lodging, travel, shopping and entertainment" and other supporting functions, increase the research and development of tourism products, and rely on Fusong's characteristic cultural symbols to guide the series and large-scale development of tourism products and souvenirs. Develop tourist hotels, style home stays, family hotels, etc. to meet the individual needs of tourists. 

In the process of promoting the tourism development, Fusong also focuses on linkage with regional tourism resources in surrounding areas. To deeply integrate industrial and social service resources and establish a new development pattern for the western foot of Changbai Mountain with "mutual complementation and promotion, spatial concentration and optimized layout". Fusong timely develops and implements the tourism development plan for the western foot of Changbai Mountain and actively builds the Changbai Mountain western foot tourism brand to be strong. On January 25, Fusong signed a framework agreement with Changbai Mountain Management Committee's Chixi District and Chinan District and Jilin Province Forest Industry Group's Songjianghe Forestry Bureau, Quanyang Forestry Bureau and Lushuihe Forestry Bureau, marking the linkage development at the western foot of Changbai Mountain has entered a new stage. Through the linkage, expand the tourism brand's influence and appeal. 

There are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, breeze in summer and snow in winter. Fusong's tourism development is moving toward together with the construction of national ecological civilization demonstration areas.(By Liu Guipeng, Zhang Qingqiang and Yang Xiaoyan )

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