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Jilin: Advance to the Global Tourism
2016/11/03     Source:
Beishan Park
Shennong Hot Spring
Casual picking
Hongshi National Forest Park

In the constantly-updated travel demand of consumers, each link may become the standard for them to select tourist destinations. This February 5, the National Tourism Administration announced the list of the first batch of "global tourism demonstration areas" and Jilin City is on the list. As the province's only city approved to build such an area, Jilin City on March 17 held a mobilization meeting on creating a national global tourism demonstration area and will take the whole-region, all-element and full-industrial chain development of the tourism industry as the goal and present a well-known tourism culture city "allowing tourists to be able to stay at any place". 

There is such a city with "a beautiful river, two wonders, three beautiful lakes and four mountains". 

Here, both water and mountains are scenery. You can breath the natural flavor between encircled mountains and the surging Songhua River and harvest an easy and interesting life in farm yards. 

Here, there are scenes in four seasons, allowing visitors to go outing to taste fishes in spring, avoid summer heat in summer, appreciate maples and birches in autumn and watch rime and play with snow in winter. 

From the rising fame of ice and snow rime to the construction and reconstruction of a large batch of tourist attractions, such as Vanke Songhua Lake Resort, Wulajie Rime Island and Beidahu, and from the increasingly famous business card of four-season tourism festivals to the "lucky trip, four-season trip and Jilin trip" tourism brand, Jilin City has guided based on the general trend, rebuilt the product structure, promoted the cross-section integration of industries, and enhanced the cultural connotation so that the tourism industry's magnetic field effect has continued to show. 

Now, as the province's only city approved to build the national global tourism demonstration area, Jilin City has sounded the horn of creating global tourism and will take the whole-region, all-element and full-industrial chain development of the tourism industry as the goal and present a well-known tourism culture city "allowing tourists to be able to stay at any place". 

Create panoramic Jilin that will be livable and suitable to travel. 

"Appreciate rime, play with ice and snow, enjoy hot spring, share folk customs and play happily." On February 17, Guangzhou tourist Xiao Yali came to Jilin City for vacationing, went to the Rime Island, enjoyed hot spring in Shengdequan and went to the Songhua Lake to go skiing. She happily told reporters "I did not expect Jilin is so beautiful and is full of scenery and living here made me feel really comfortable." 

"Comfortable" seems to be an ordinary word but the highest evaluation of tourist destinations. For Jilin, deeply tapping the tourism resource with a global perspective is a strategic choice of self-development. Meanwhile, Jilin can become a unit to build the national global tourism demonstration area relying on its good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations. 

The history, culture, landscape, etc. have already dotted Jilin so that there are scenes everywhere. Jilin is a prestigious national historical and cultural city and especially, the Manchu, Korean, Hui and Mongolian ethnic group-represented ethnic culture is colorful. In a casual moment, the heavy years carried by some old streets and villages can just fit the interests and needs of tourists walking in the city. Enhancing the tourism connotation has become a "new normal" for Jilin's tourism development. Jilin rime is one of the four natural wonders of China, Beidahu and Songhua Lake Ski Resort make Jilin become the country and even the world's "tourist resort" and "ski paradise", Shenong Manor and Shengdequan-represented hot spring health travel attracts visitors at home and aboard and a large number of rural tourism demonstration points represented by Shengxin Manor and Yadong Palace are growing bigger and stronger and their influence is increasingly growing. 

Jilin City Tourism Bureau director Fei Guangyu said, in recent years, Jilin City has attached great importance to the tourism development and issued the "opinions on promoting tourism development in Jilin City" and developed the "regulations on awards to promoting tourism development in Jilin City" in 2015 and fostered the tourism industry as a pillar industry so that the city's tourism industry has shown a good momentum of strong growth and the number of tourists received and tourism revenue grew more than 15% and 25% for three consecutive years. Especially, the ice and snow rime tourism brand's influence has continued to rise. In winter 2015, visitors to the Rime Island reached 550,000 person times, growing 57% year on year, creating economic benefits of RMB 63 million and driving the development of the service industry in around villages and towns. 

With the entry of various social capital and the planning and construction of tourism projects, such as Songhua Lake Scenic Area, Beidahu Resort, Vanke Songhua Lake Resort, Rime Island, Shengdquan, Shennong Hot Spring, Ziyu Hot Spring, and Qiaodun Hot Spring Manor, Jilin City's tourism products have become richer and the formats have become more perfect. There is the river-opening fish food festival in spring, the Songhua Lake leisure tourism festival in summer, the maple and birch festival in autumn and the ice and snow rice festival in winter. The four-season tourism allows visitors to be able to feel Jilin's beautiful landscapes, rich historical and cultural heritages and simple and hospitable people in any place at any time. 

Multi-industries link and walk into the "travel +" era.  

When tourism encounters agriculture, there are scenes everywhere. The rural tourism enables tourism to go out of tourist attractions, allows farmers to share the tourism development dividends and becomes a beautiful landscape to drive industrial integration for "global tourism". 

In the long and cold winter, in Wulajie, the only way to go through Hantun, tourist buses and self-driving cars come and go in a constant stream. "The whole village engages in tourism and every one is doing businesses." Zheng Xiuhong, the person in charge of a farm stay, introduced her store receives 50 to 60 visitors a day on average. The rooms are packed at weekends and need to be ordered in advance. In the snow season from 2015 to 2016, the number of farm stay hotels in the Rime Island grew to 124 from 82 in the previous snow season. Taking Hantun as an example, the number of farm stay hotels grew to 82 from 52. 70% of the village's 1,366 people benefited from rime as per capital income increased above RMB 10,000. 

"There is Jinzhu flower sea in north and Erdaogou picking in south." It takes less than 15 minutes to drive from Fengman District's Qianerdao Town to the downtown of Jilin City. Early spring, visitors from all directions came here to participate in the picking and taste fresh strawberries. Yu Zhongmin, the person in charge of the fruit and vegetable cooperative in Zhangjiagou, Jinfeng Village, happily introduced "after strawberries become ripe, visitors come here in a constant stream. Several greenhouses of melons planed by him will become ripe at the end of May, just catching up with the end of strawberries. When melons are basically picked up, the grapes and peaches planted here will become ripe." 

The combination of tourism with culture has deeply touched the nerve of visitors. In recent years, Jilin City has developed sightseeing, experiences, festivals and other cultural tourism projects with local cultural characteristics and national culture and developed health and other new-type cultural tourism formats; developed theme cultural tourism routes, theme cultural tourism scenes, and theme cultural tourism festivals and combined the heavy historic culture with the  modern fashion culture to create a paradise for visitors to be reluctant to leave. 

More than that, Jilin City will build a number of living gathering areas and vigorously develop health-based leisure tourism; build a batch of medical care, nursing, health and self-cultivation-based new-format health tourism products integrating characteristic TCM care, hot spring and forest rehabilitation, sports and health, experience and fitness, and learning and nourishing hearts. 

In Jilin City, the tourism industry had not been a single industry. Guided by the "global tourism" concept, vigorously promoting the integrated development of tourism with culture, agriculture, industry, sports, medical care, health and other industries has become a new growth point to improve regional layout, coordinate urban and rural development and promote new-type urbanization. 

Combine the point, line and surface and develop "global tourism" well. 

Global tourism focuses on the globe and refers to the whole-area tourism space, full-area tourism industry and all-people tourists. On how this area will be planned and built, the key lies in making up short boards for the tourism development. 

How to practice the "innovation, coordinated, green, open and shared" development concept in the tourism development and take the whole area as a game of chess to plan big tourism? How to upgrade and integrate based on the existing basis, make overall planning and achieve in-depth integration with industrial development with higher standards and make full efforts to build global tourism? Recently, at Jilin City's mobilization meeting on creating the national global tourism demonstration area, the city government issued the implementation plan on creating the national global tourism demonstration area and opened Jilin City's "global tourism" era.  

"Make concerted efforts to develop tourism well, need to strengthen guiding with thinking, strengthen top-level design, strengthen environmental construction, strengthen industrial integration, strengthen promotion and marketing, strengthen reform and innovation, and strengthen the gathering of elements." Jilin City mayor Zhang Huanqiu said need to constantly improve each development plan for "global tourism", vigorously strengthen the construction of scenic spots, focus on building the "one river and one belt" tourism development core, highlight building five belts, Songhua Lake tourism economic belt, hot spring industry belt, rime watching belt, modern agricultural sightseeing belt and religious tourism belt, strengthen resource integration and regional cooperation, foster a number of tourism industry gathering areas with a demonstration significance, and promote the formation of a new "point, line and surface"-combined tourism development path. 

To develop tourism, need to enable visitors to really be able to "slow down" to indulge in humane services "characteristic food, free accommodation choices, convenient travel, sightseeing at will, happy entertainment and rich shopping". 

"We will be mainly responsible for building a tourism products and information service system, building a tourism service center, promoting the smart travel construction, speeding up the urban and rural transportation infrastructure construction and building an in-depth slow tourism experience; develop characteristic tourism products and form a multi-level, characteristic and medium- and high-end tourism product system; launch classic tourist routes and strengthen the tourism credit system construction; achieve all-area landscaping and an integrated environment inside and outside tourist attractions," said Fei Yuguang to reporters. 

In designing tourist lines, Jilin City will cater to different tastes of visitors and provide "six tours", a landscape tour based on Lafa Hill, Nanlou Hill, Songhua Lake, Hongshi Lake, Baishan Lake, etc.; an ice and snow tour based on Beidahu, Vanke Songhua Lake Resort, the stadium, the ice training center and "all people on ice and snow"; a history tour based on Ashimo Cliff, Wula Town, Navy Camp Museum, Jilin Machinery Bureau, Manchu History Museum, etc.; a city tour based on the meteorite museum, Jilin Confucian Temple, the Catholic Church, the urban scenery, etc.; a characteristic tour based on rime, hot springs, ice and snow and meteorites; an all-element tour integrating food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment. 

The blueprint has been drawn and it is time to set sail. For global tourism, Jilin City has many things to do. However, we believe, with the increasingly improvement of the tourism infrastructure and the constant improvement of the reception capacity, Jilin City, as a unit approved to create the national global tourism demonstration area, is bound to yield unusually brilliant results in the country's "global tourism".
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