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Chief Representative of Russian Federation Embassy of Commerce: Tsyplakov
2012/09/11     Source:

Northeast Asian countries have enormous potential for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation in many fields, such as trade, investment, high-tech, transportation, energy, agriculture and so on. The Russian government is working on the implementation of large-scale development projects in the Far East and, therefore, Russia attaches great importance to carrying out mutually beneficial economic and trade exchanges with China as a whole as well as the border provinces including Jilin. China is Russia's largest trading partner, and the local trade and cross-border trade have played an important role in the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. For many border areas in Russia, China has become a major trading partner.
and inter-border cooperation is not confined to trade contacts, but also includes investment cooperation, tourism exchanges, educational exchanges, etc. The common task of the two countries is to work together to establish a new mechanism for cooperation in the field of economy and trade. To this end, I would like to make seven suggestions as follows:
improve trade facilitation, create a stable and predictable merchandise trade market between the two countries, gradually reduce tariff levels, and reduce technical barriers.
expand investment cooperation, improve investment, and attract the big banks of the two countries to finance the priority projects.
develop border infrastructure, including bridges, roads, and port modernization.

Fourth, promote the construction of the best transportation system, and maximize the use of the Russian Far East Port.
Fifth, make
joint efforts to carry out mutually beneficial projects in the field of agriculture, including seed and oil crop production, expanding green” livestock products, and focusing on ecological balance.
improve energy efficiency and energy conservation, including the joint development of alternative energy sources.
promote direct links between enterprises of the two countries, and expand the communication platform like Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo.
August 2012, Russia became a full member of the WTO. We hope that joining the WTO will be able to promote the improvement of the investment and trade environment in Russia, increase the interest of foreign investors in Russia’s economic investment, and provide a new impetus to the development of mutually beneficial economic and trade relations with China.

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