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Ambassador of the Mongolian Embassy to China: Cedengzhabu Sukhbaatar
2012/09/11     Source:

In 2011, Mongolia has achieved economic growth rate of 17.3% and GDP of $ 8 billion, and total foreign trade volume of up to $ 11.3 billion. Since 1990, its foreign investment totaled at $ 9.8 billion.
The Mongolian government adheres to providing domestic and foreign investors with equal conditions and the principle of creating an inclusive, transparent and open investment environment, and is committed to improve the environment. We particularly encourage environment-friendly and technically advanced enterprises that support local development and assume social responsibility to invest in Mongolia.
The countries of Northeast Asia are Mongolia’s most important trade and economic corporation and investment partners. The future of Mongolia's economic development is inseparable from this region.
Northeast Asia region is a place with huge potential for development. In my opinion, we should pay special attention to the establishment of energy, transportation, finance, environmental protection, tourism and other "soft" and "hard" infrastructures. Mongolia is a part of the Northeast Asian region, and is known worldwide for its abundant mineral resources. The Government of Mongolia intends to develop industry through the development of these minerals.
Mongolia pays special attention to
and support the development of the mineral product-based processing value-added product production, and Infrastructure is still one of the important directions of cooperation. Mongolia attaches great importance to the construction of railways and highways directly connected to the Northeast Asian region. According to the national rail transport policy adopted by the Mongolian Great Hural, the construction of the eastward railway network will have conditions to directly connect with Northeast Asia. There is a great potential for cooperation in the field of animal husbandry and food, and we recommend the cooperation in animal husbandry processing and the production of senior food.
Taking this opportunity, I would like to introduce a project undergoing research which is meaningful of all countries in the region, that is, theAsian super-grid” project to establish a renewable energy grid system in Asia. The main purpose of this project is to connect the power grids of Mongolia, South Korea, Russia, China and Japan, and transmit the solar and wind energy produced in Mongolia to other countries through the undersea high-voltage wire. We believe that this project is of great significance to supplying reliable, pure energy to the countries in this region and promoting the countries to respond to climate change.

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