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Party Group Member and Discipline Inspection Team Leader of National Development and Reform Commission: Liu Xiaobin
2012/09/11     Source:

Northeast Asian countries are geographically close, have unique cultures, resources, industries and technologies, strong economic complementarity, broad space for cooperation, and great potential for development. With the in-depth development of economic globalization, China and Northeast Asian countries continue to strengthen economic and trade cooperation, with economic and trade totaled at $ 568 billion in 2010. Northeast China is located in the heart of Northeast Asia, and is an important hub and a core area for China to open to Northeast Asia. Since the Chinese government implemented the strategy of revitalizing the old industrial bases, the Northeast Asian region has significantly enhanced the economic strength, significantly speeded up structural adjustment, and undergone great changes in urban and rural areas, improved infrastructure conditions, and made great progress in opening up to the outside world.
Chinese government attaches great importance to the overall revitalization of the old industrial bases in northeast China and opening wider to the outside world. In recent years, it has issued a series of policy documents, such as the Opinions on the Further Implementation of the Strategy for Revitalizing Northeast China and Other Old Industrial Bases, the Planning for Development and Opening up in Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt, the Planning Outline for Cooperation and Development in China's Tumen River Region, Northeast Revitalization, and the 12th Five-Year Plan for the Northeast Revitalization, but also has approved the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Manzhouli key pilot area for development and opening up and the Tumen River Region International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, as well as four comprehensive free trade zone respectively in Dalian, Shenyang, Changchun and Suifen. Not long ago, the State Council has approved the Planning Outline for Northeast China to Open up to Northeast Asia (2012-2020). This is another major move to promote the opening of Northeast China to Northeast Asia from a strategic and overall height, and is of great significance to speeding up the comprehensive revitalization of the old industrial bases in Northeast China, optimizing the pattern of China's opening to the outside world, and creating a harmonious and stable surrounding environment.
In accordance with the Planning Outline, the Northeast China region will become a strategic focus of China's opening to the outside world in the new era, an important hub for China to open to Northeast Asia, a border development demonstration region of vitalizing border areas and enriching the people living there and good neighbourly and friendly relations, and a modern industrial base with agglomeration of advanced elements.

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