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Minister of Knowledge Economy of South Korea: Wen Zaitao
2012/09/11     Source:

South Korea and China ushered in the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties on August 24, 2012. Over 20 years, the bilateral relations have developed by leaps and bounds in politics, economy, culture and other fields, and now China has become South Korea's largest trading partner, and South Korea has become China's third largest trading partner. In May this year, South Korea and China launched free trade negotiations, and in-depth negotiations on promoting the common development of the two countries are underway. The relationship between South Korea and China is ushering in a new leap forward.
Recently, Northeast Asia is experiencing unprecedentedly tremendous geopolitical changes, such as northeast China's regional development plan, the development of the Russian Far East, North Korea's east coast development, meaning that the Northeast Asian economic zone will in the future become the world's economic center and a new growth engine. Because of this, the world is focusing attention to the stability and development of Northeast Asia.
At present, the European debt crisis is spreading, which leads to the slow recovery of developed economies, indicating an increasing uncertainty in the recovery of the world economy.
At such a difficult time, the Northeast Asian countries need to ensure the growth momentum to achieve sustainable development and respond to the energy crisis brought about by the high oil prices, and need to work together to overcome such issues. In view of this, I make two suggestions to promote close cooperation between Northeast Asian countries and overcome the common difficulties encountered. First of all, I hope that the Northeast Asian countries participate in the planning for the Changchun-Jilin-Tumen pilot area for opening up advanced by the Chinese government to promote the development of the northeast China region and other large-scale regional development plans. This will become a new mode of economic cooperation in Northeast Asia, and will be a motive power for the countries in the region to ensure sustainable development.
Secondly, in order to ensure that the Northeast Asian countries maintain the momentum of stable development, we badly need to strategically respond to the energy crisis, and to this end, I propose the establishment of the tentatively called "Northeast Asian energy resources development cooperation body” structure, to jointly develop the energy resources in the northeast region of China, Mongolia, the eastern region of Russia and South Korea.

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