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North Korean Foreign Trade Minister:Xu Jifu
2012/09/11     Source:

Northeast Asia has only a small number of countries, but it covers a very large area, a large population, and abundant underground resources, forest resources, marine resources, and very favorable conditions of transport. Northeast Asian countries have high and new technologies in various fields, a galaxy of talents, and a huge market. With such favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions, the countries can certainly achieve sustained, healthy and stable development as long as they strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the win-win principle. Currently, the Northeast Asian countries are striving to build a framework of regional cooperation, in order to promote common development and form multifaceted and mutual cooperation.
Last year, under the deep concern of the governments and peoples of both China and North Korea, the groundbreaking ceremony for the co-development and co-management of Rason Economic and Trade Zone between China and North Korea was successfully held. A year later, the regional development planning has been completed; the port and rail expansion project is well under way; and the cooperation in tourism, agriculture and other areas is also actively carried out.
In August this year, the 3rd meeting of the North Korea-China Co-steering Committee on the co-development and co-management of Rason Economic and Trade Zone, Huangjinping and Granville Island Economic Region was held in Beijing. This meeting summed up the achievements and experience in the development of the project, and particularly emphasized the significance of the development of two districts and one island” for strengthening exchanges and cooperation between North Korea and China in various fields. This is in line with the common wishes of the peoples of North Korea and China, and we have signed a number of contracts.
Rason E
conomic and Trade Zone is a new impetus for the development of North Korea and China as well as Northeast Asia, and has brought great impact to the development of the world economy.  
I sincerely
hope that the Northeast Asian countries and other countries of the world will actively participate in the investment projects in Rason region. We believe that building a framework for cooperation between the countries of Northeast Asia will contribute to the healthy, harmonious and sustainable development between the Northeast Asian countries, and contribute to the common prosperity, and help the two sides to deepen mutual trust and strengthen cooperation.

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