The Post-disaster Reconstruction to Restore Flood Damaged Land Started  2011-03-29
The New Term of the Disaster Affected Schools in Our Province Begins as Scheduled  2011-03-29
Disaster Control and Relief Science Popularization Website has been Running  2011-03-29
Flood Control and Disaster Relief Funds Appropriated by All Levels of the Province Top 1.36 Billon Yuan  2011-03-29
Bayin Chaolu, Deputy Secretary of Jilin Provincial Committee of the CPC, Went to Dunhua and Hunchun for Research  2011-03-29
Yongji Said Goodbye to the People's Army  2011-03-29
Provincial Economic Technical Cooperation Bureau Provides Services for Foreign-funded Companies in Disaster-stricken Areas  2011-03-29
Chen Weigen Went to Panshi City to Guide Flood Fighting  2011-03-29
Donations for Our Province Top 124 Million Yuan  2011-03-29
Provincial Government Promulgated Measures to Properly Arrange Basic Living of Disaster-stricken People  2011-03-29
Provincial Government Affairs Hall Adopted Many Initiatives to Support Disaster Relief  2011-03-29
Departments of Finance throughout the Province has Allocated 640 Million Yuan for Flood-fighting Disaster Relief  2011-03-29
Leaders of Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, and Other Provinces and Municipalities Concerned about and Supported Flood-fighting Disaster Relief in Our Province  2011-03-29
The Province’s Volunteer Youth Team Rushed to the Disaster Area  2011-03-29
Jilin City Held the Flood Disaster Relief Performance Party  2011-03-29
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