Romantic Love in Jilin Seasons


Red Maple Setting of White Birch, Autumn Harvest


Tourism time: September to October


Tourist Product: Autumn Scenery of Five-flower Mountain, Red Maple and White Birch, First Snow in autumn, Migrant Birds Flying Southward, and Rural Scenery


Hot Spot:

Autumn Scenery of Five-flower Mountain: Changbai Mountain, Jilin Songhua Lake, Ji’an in Huinan County, Tonghua City, two sides of Yalu River, and Shiwudaogou, Changbai County

Red Maple and White Birch: Jiaohe Hongye Valley (Red Leaves Valley), Shulan Hongye Valley (Red Leaves Valley), Huadian Hongye Corridor (Red Leaves Corridor), Huinan Longwan (Dragon Bay), Huadian Birch Forest, Changbai Mountain White Birch Forest, and Changbai Mountain Betula ermanii Forest

First Snow in Autumn: Changbai Mountain

Migrant Birds Flying Southward: Xianghai, Tongyu – wetland in west Jilin, and Momoge, Zhenlai

Rural Scenery: Rice wave and fruit picking up in suburban and rural fields within the province



China Jilin Changbai Mountain Red Leaves Tourism Festival (September 27 to October)

China Jilin Changbai Mountain Ginseng Festival (September)

Jilin Huadian White Birch Festival (late September to October)

Jilin Tonghua Autumn Maple Tourism Festival (September)

China Jilin Yalu River Culture Tourism Festival (September)



Red Maple Leaves Trip

Yalu River Self-driving Trip

Golden Week Autumn Scenery Trip

Red Maple and White Snow Trip

West Wetland Migrant Bird Trip

China Jilin Changbai Mountain Red Leaves Tourism Festival

 (September 27 to October)


China Jilin Changbai Mountain Red Leaves Tourism Festival

(September 27 to October)


China Jilin Changbai Mountain Red Leaves Tourism Festival is sponsored by the Tourism Bureau of Jilin Province and the people’s government of Jilin City and undertaken by the Tourism Bureau of Jilin City and the people’s government of Jiaohe City. The theme is “city of red leaves, and charming Jiaohe”.

 During the festival, a large theatrical performance for red leaves festival undertaken by China Central Television (CCTV), which invites famous actors to participate, is held. Meanwhile, other activities such as China Jiaohe Red Leaves Photography Exhibition, Lafa Mountain Climbing Challenge, “small Changbai Mountain” Laoye Ridge Autumn Experience Trip, “passion Songhua Lake” tourism carnival, Wulin Korean Folk Village opening ceremony, Qingling fresh fish week, and trade negotiations are held.

Jiaohe City, located in east of Jilin Province and at the west foot of Changbai Mountain, takes up a territory area of 6,429 square kilometers and has a total population of 470,000, known as “80% mountains, 10% water, and 10% farmland”.


 In January 2005, Jiaohe City was named “China Excellent Tourism City” by National Tourism Administration of China. China Jilin Changbai Mountain Red Leaves Tourism Festival, as one of four major festivals in Jilin Province, is included in the directory of national major tourism festivals.


China Jilin Changbai Mountain Ginseng Festival


The 23th China Fusong Changbai Mountain Ginseng Festival is held.


Fusong County, with a history of planting ginseng for more than 400 years, has advantaged ginseng resources, and the local ginseng culture is unique and charming. Ginseng Festival is a traditional festival in Fusong and condenses deep emotions of all people in the county. In recent years, Fusong County has built an economic platform of festivals, playing a big role in passing on ginseng culture, showing an open image, improving urban quality, and promoting economic development. The Ginseng Festival successfully introduced into investments of RMB 6.6 billion in 2007 and 2008, adding new power for the sound and rapid development of Fusong.


In the future, Fusong will accelerate the construction of a ginseng health industrial park, play the role of think-tank team, strictly implement local standards, make every effort to build leading enterprises, achieve the most optimal allocation of technologies, personnel, and funds from all sides, maximize the efficiency, enhance the power of discourse of Fusong in the ginseng sector, seize the commanding heights of competition in the market, increase citizens’ incomes with ginseng and build ginseng to be a “cornucopia” of it, hometown of ginseng.


This Ginseng Festival is sponsored by the people’s government of Fusong County and Fusong Changbai Mountain Ginseng Market Investment and Development Company Limited. The festival, with a theme “participation in the health industry development by ginseng”, is based on the principal line of promotion of Changbai Mountain ginseng culture, responds to the call for the revitalization of ginseng industry by the provincial government, targets to set off a second pioneering climax in ginseng industry, strives to create Fusong ginseng international industry standards, and constantly improve the reputation of “Fuxing” ginseng and Fusong, hometown of ginseng. Meanwhile, a series of economic, trade, tourism and culture activities, on basis of “fireworks evening party to greet guests”, “Changbai Mountain Ginseng Festival Trade Fair”, and “charm Changbai Mountain tour”, are held as a move to further increase the opening strength and promote the ginseng industry development in Changbai Mountain, Jilin.


Three major sectors including “Changbai Mountain Ginseng Festival Trade Fair” and “Charming Changbai Mountain Tour” comprehensively carry out a series of economic, tourism and cultural activities to further strengthen the opening-up to outside and promote the development of Jilin Changbai Mountain ginseng industry.


Before the date for main activities of the Ginseng Festival, Fusong County holds a series of wonderful activities, such as Fusong symposium of ginseng science and technology development of Jilin Province second pioneering project, art performances to celebrate the 60th anniversary of founding of New China, hometown of ginseng calligraphy, painting and photography exhibition, gangmaster sacrificing ceremony, king ginseng appraisal contest, and Northeast China Yangko performances.