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Romantic Love in Jilin Seasons


1.Indulging in Changbai Mountain, Becoming Warm with Snow


Tourism Time: March to April

Tourist Product: Snow World in Spring, Immense Forest and Snowfield, and Natural Skiing


Hot Spot:

Snow World Spring: West and South Scenic Area of Changbai Mountain

Immense Forest and Snowfield: North Scenic Area of Changbai Mountain

Natural in Skiing: Natural Ski Resort of West Scenic Area of Changbai Mountain


Festival: Crossing-Changbai Mountain International Ultimate Ski Challenge (late March)

Theme: Changbai Mountain natural skiing trip

Crossing-Changbai Mountain International Ultimate Ski Challenge (late March)

Crossing-Changbai Mountain International Ultimate Ski Challenge, with a theme “crossing Changbai Mountain with inspiration and challenging self”, lasts three days from March 30 to April 1 and is a snowboarding-based ultimate ski event.


Every March to April, compared with other mountains over the same latitude, the Changbai Mountain still is covered by snow.

The ice viscosity and temperature in the Changbai Mountain is not only suitable to sightseeing and playing, but also a good venue for winter sports such as skiing. The main peak covered with thick snow, has complex terrain and provides itself as an excellent venue for more ultimate skiing. We believe that the ultimate skiing sports brought by domestic and foreign professional athletes and the beautiful snow sight will be a landscape in the Changbai Mountain in spring.


Ultimate skiing is a non-Olympic and non-world sports meeting with high challenge. The snowboarding in the meeting is similar to the ski U-pond project in the Olympic Games, but the venue of ultimate skiing mainly is famous mountains and great waters with natural topography. The non-normalization of the venue just increases the difficulty and view points of the game.


2.  Watching Blooming Flowers, Tasting Fresh River Fishes


Tourism Time: May


Tourist Product: appreciating spring flowers, experiencing rural folk customs, tasting fresh river fishes, and viewing migrant birds


Hot Spot:

Appreciating Rhododendron (early and middle May): each place in Yanbian, Huinan Longwan (Dragon Bay), Jilin Songhua Lake, and Changbai Mountain area

Appreciating Wild Apricot (early May): Tongyu Baolawendu Apricot Forest

Appreciating pear flowers (middle and late May): 10,000-mu apple and pear farms in Yanbian

Tasting fresh river fishes: Songhua Lake (Jilin, Jiaohe, and Huadian), Chagan Lake (Qianguo), and Yalu River (Linjiang and Ji’an);

Viewing migrant birds: Xianghai, Tongyu – wetland in west Jilin and Momoge, Zhenlai

 Festival: Jilin Songhua Lake Fresh River-opening Fish Festival (April to May)

Yanbian Korean Folk Culture Tourism Expo (May to October)

Tonghua Folk Culture & Manchu Paper-cutting Art Tourism Festival (end of April)

Changchun Shaman Culture Festival (May to July)

Jilin Longwan Wild Rhododendron Tourism Festival (May)

Jilin Beishan Temple Fair (lunar April 28)

Changchun Shuangyang Yuantong Temple Fair (May 22)

Zhenlai Bird Viewing Festival (May)



Trip to welcome spring, appreciate flowers and have an outing in spring

Fresh river fish trip

Yanbian folk custom trip

Trip to view migrant birds in west wetland


Jilin Songhua Lake Fresh River-opening Fish Festival


At 9:58 a.m. on April 25, the Fourth China Jilin Songhua Lake Fresh River-opening Fish Festival opened at Suerha Bay Resort, Jiaohe City. The event is sponsored by the Tourism Bureau of Jilin Province and the People's Government of Jilin City and undertook by the Tourism Bureau of Jilin City ((Jilin Songhua Lake Scenic Area Administration), the People's Government of Jiaohe City and Suerha Bay Resort.


Some provincial and municipal leaders, such as Lin Tian, vice head of Tourism Bureau of Jilin Province, Yang Wanjun, deputy director of Jilin People's Congress, Zhu Chun, vice mayor of Jilin and Chen Dong, vice chairman of Jilin CPPCC, responsible people of some tourism enterprises, experts of seminars, news media journalists, sponsors, extraterritorial guests and the shooting crew of Japan BS Asahi TV “China Mysterious Adventure” attended the event.


River-opening fish is a unique product of North China. Because fish runs out of fat under the ice in the winter, only high-protein thin meat remains. Therefore, it tastes more delicious.


The theme of this festival is “appreciating beautiful view of Songhua Lake and tasting river-opening fish”. The festival will be arranged a series of theme activities, including a monthly activity of river-opening fish in Suerha Bay Resort, Qingling Fresh River Street, and Songhua Lake Costal Fish Agricola from April 25 to May 30.


During the river-opening fish festival, a series of activities such as a river-opening fish activity month, appraisal of river-opening fish golden-brand dishes, China fish culture and paper-cutting art forum, river-opening fish festival mountain climbing, spring outing, sight-seeing and fish tasting, nation-wide “fish culture” paper-cutting art competition, warm “Taxi Day”, happy car camp, and river-opening fishing to build a characteristic tourism brand for Songhua Lake “river-opening fish”.



After the ending of the opening ceremony, river sacrificing activities, including presenting domestic animals and awakening net, and other activities, such as on-site fishing of river-opening fish in Songhua Lake fishery, are opened. After river sacrificing activities, fishermen begin to lay net to fish. This time, over 30,000 jin (1 jin = 500 grams) of fresh fish is caught once, the most amount among all river-opening fishing.


This Jilin Songhua Lake Fresh River-opening Fish Festival well highlights the theme “appreciating beautiful view of Songhua Lake and tasting river-opening fish”, brings along consumption and investment by activities, boost market confidence, increase service quality, maximize the potential, and further build the meaning of Songhua Lake fish culture and the river-opening fish brand. The event adds new highlights for spring tourism in Jilin City, enrich new contents, comprehensively activate Jilin City tourism market, stimulate domestic demand, constantly promote the linkage between tourism and culture and business, and make an outstanding contribution to Jilin city tourism and economic development and doubling of the city’s economic aggregate.


Yanbian Korean Folk Culture Tourism Expo


During the expo, there are nearly 30 projects, including a large-scale opening ceremony, “Summer of Rhododendron” square cultural activities, folklore exhibition games, Korean traditional wedding show, and Korean fashion show, which will let people from around the world enjoy the unique ethnic customs of Koreans.


In addition, there is a Yanji diet and tourist commodities exhibition that is held at the Yanji City Yuanhang Square and takes up an area of 3,000 square meters, mainly exhibiting characteristic Korean food, such as traditional cold noodles, rice sausages, and pickles.

The folk culture contests give people a real feeling of optimistic spirit and love of good life by Korean people who are good at singing and dancing. The masses in six streets of Yanji City carefully rehearse programs that can show local characteristics and own rich folk customs, including Siwuyue (Music by Four Category of Instruments), Nongyuewu (Peasant Singing and Dancing), Bainianjiayue (Hundred-year Good Dating), and Yanbian Arirang, to vividly re-produce China’s Korean folk customs.


Also, there is a ritual to celebrate for old Korean people at sixty years old, fully revealing Korean’s traditional virtue of respecting and caring for the old.


Jilin Beishan Temple Fair

Jilin Beishan (North Mountain) is located in the north of the urban district, in which the Temple of Lord Guan, Yaowang Temple (Medicine King Temple), and Pavilion of Jade Emperor were established since early the Qing Dynasty to form the temple cluster. For more than 200 years, it has formed the largest-scale Jilin Beishan Temple Fair in northeast Jilin.



The temple fairs mainly include the Buddha Birth Temple Fair (birthday of the Shakyamuni Buddha) on lunar April 8, Sanxiaoniangniang Temple Fair on lunar April 18, and Yaowang Medicine King) Temple Fair on lunar April 28. In early stage, there were three dates for temple fairs of lord Guan, lunar May 12 (birthday of lord Guan), lunar May 13 (a solo run by lord Guan), and lunar June 24 (Temple Fair of Lord Guan).


The number of visitors of the Yaowang Temple Fair, the most influential one in Northeast China, is the largest. There is a saying in the Qing Dynasty “Qianshan Temple occupies the first place in Northeast China and Beishan Temple Fair is better than Qianshan”. During a few days before and after the Beishan Temple Fair (lunar April 28) each year, many people in all directions in Jilin swarm to the temple fair so that the three external railways to Jilin (Jilin-Changchu, Jilin-Hailong, and Jilin-Dunhua) must open additional suburban trains at a half price. The Beishan Temple Fair continues to be bustling with noise and excitement by now, with the number of people that go to the temple fair of up to 300,000.