Requirements and procedures concerning marriage registration


Requirements for marriage registration
1.To guarantee the jurisdiction of the marriage registration office of Jilin Province, one applicant for marriage registration shall be a Chinese citizen with registered permanent residence in Jilin Province, and the other is a foreign national.
2.Both parties shall register in person with the marriage registration office.
3.Both parties shall reach the legal age for marriage, namely, 22 for male and 20 for female.
4.Both parties shall have no spouse (shall be single, divorced or widowed).
5.No lineal consanguinity or collateral consanguinity within three generations exists between both parties.
6.Both parties shall apply for marriage on a voluntary basis.
7.Three official style photos of the couple together (half-length, bareheaded and taken recently) shall be submitted.
8.The documents and materials required by law for foreign-related marriage registration shall be provided.
Marriage registration shall follow the procedures of preliminary examination, acceptance, verification, and registration (certificate issuance)
Documents submitted for marriage registration
The valid passport or other valid international travel certificates of the applicant.
The Single Status Certificate of the foreign applicant (also known as Certificate of No Record of Marriage, Certificate of No Impediment, Affidavit of Single Status, etc) provided by the notary office in his / her host country (or his or her country of residence) and authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of that country as well as the Chinese embassy or consulate, or provided by embassy (consulate) of that country stationed in China.
Note: The Single Status Certificate shall state clearly the present marital status of the foreign applicant (single, divorced, or widowed) so as to certify definitely his or her single status.
Validity period of the Single Status Certificate
Normally, the Single Status Certificate is valid for six months since the date of issuance. But if it has been marked with a validity period of less than six months by the host country, the marked validity period shall prevail.