Requirements and procedures concerning divorce registration


Requirement for divorce registration

*To ensure the case is under the jurisdiction of the marriage registration office of Jilin Province, one applicant shall be a Chinese citizen with registered permanent residence in Jilin Province, and the other is a foreign national, a resident from Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan, or an overseas Chinese.

*Both parties who apply for divorce registration shall jointly file an application with marriage registration office.

*Both parties shall have full capacity for civil conduct.

*Parties concerned shall offer the divorce agreement which shall specify matters agreed upon between both parties regarding their intentions of voluntary divorce, fostering of children, and handling of property and debts.

*The parties concerned shall hold the marriage certificate issued by China mainland’s marriage registration authority or the embassies (consulates) of the People’s Republic of China in foreign countries.

*The parties concerned shall submit two recent photos respectively (half-length, and bareheaded).


Procedures of divorce registration

Divorce registration shall follow the procedures of preliminary examination, acceptance, verification, and registration (certificate issuance)


Certificates and documents submitted by a foreigner applying for divorce

The valid passport or other valid international travel documents and the marriage certificate of the applicant shall be submitted.


Situations of changed nationality or identity

In cases of change of nationality or identity which happens after the marriage registration, or in cases that the current identity certificate is inconsistent with the original file, documents a foreign applicant for divorce is required to provide include the certificate of changed identity notarized and certified by the country (region) where the marriage is registered, the household registration cancellation certificate issued by the public security authority of the place where the marriage is registered, the nationality renunciation certificate issued by the embassies (consulates) of the People’s Republic of China in foreign countries, or the certificate (declaration) issued by the foreign embassy in China which certifies the current nationality and name are consistent with the original and belong to one person. In the case where the current name and date of birth do not conform to the original file, related supporting materials shall be provided.