Responsibilities of the Marriage Registration Office


According to the Regulations on Marriage Registration and other related papers, the marriage registration office of Jilin Provincial Civil Affairs Department is responsible for registration of marriages between Chinese citizens with registered permanent residence (hukou) in Jilin Province and foreign-related people, including foreign nationals, residents from Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan, overseas Chinese and Chinese nationals residing abroad.


Responsibilities of the Marriage Registration Office:

1.Administration of marriage registration;

2.Reissuance of a marriage certificate in case of being lost or damaged;

3.Annulment of a coerced marriage;

4.Creation and management of marriage registration archives;

5.Dissemination of marriage laws and promotion of civilized marriage customs.


Business Hours, Address and Telephone


Business Hours on weekdays:

8: 30AM-11: 30AM, 13:30PM-17:00PM


Address: the marriage registration office counter of Jilin Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the 2nd floor of Jilin Provincial Government Affairs Hall, 9999 Renmin Street (intersection of Renmin Street and South Huancheng Road), Changchun City


Tel: 0431-82752973