Foreigner’s Work Permit - D


Under what circumstances can foreigners who have entered China apply for a work permit (working in China for more than 90 days)? What materials should be submitted? What is the specific process?


Those who fit into one of the following conditions can apply directly in China for the Work Permit:

(1)Category-A Foreign Talents who have already entered China with a visa or a valid residence permit;


(2) Foreigners working in China with a valid work residence permit who have changed their employer but still work in the same occupation;


(3) Foreign spouses or children of Chinese citizens and spouses or children of foreigners who have permanent residence or work in China with a valid visa or residence permit;


(4)Covered by the related preferential policies of a free trade zone or a comprehensive innovation and reform pilot zone;


(5)Working for the organization which enjoys the relevant preferential policies of multinational companies in China;


(6)Internal staff transfers within an enterprise group;


(7)For the implementation of intergovernmental agreements;


(8)Representatives of foreign enterprises who have entered China with a work visa; foreigners who have entered China with a valid foreigner’s work permit for less than 90 days and get employed legally in China during their stay;


(9)Other cases identified as eligible by the examination and approval authorities. A foreigner’s work permit will be issued directly if the application of a foreigner who has entered China for a work permit in China (working in China for more than 90 days)is approved. Before the expiration of the valid visa or residence permit, the foreigner need go to the Exit-and-Entry Administration Division of Public Security Bureau where the hiring organization is located to apply for a work-type residence permit.