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The 17th Chagan Lake Ice and Snow Fishing and Hunting Culture and Tourism Festival Opened
2018/12/29     Source:

Where should we go for winter travel? Please come to Chagan Lake Ice and Snow Park. On December 28, the opening ceremony of the 17th Chagan Lake Ice and Snow Fishing and Hunting Culture and Tourism Festival was held at the Nabo Square of the North Scenic Area of Songyuan Chagan Lake. Tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world witnessed the grand occasion of the opening ceremony. Vice Governor Shi Yugang announced the opening of the tourism festival.

This tourism festival was co-sponsored by the provincial department of culture and tourism and Songyuan City Government and organized by Qianguo County Government and Chagan Lake Tourism Economic Development Zone Management Committee. With the theme of “keeping in mind the ardent entrustment, guarding the golden signboard, inheriting the culture of fishing and hunting, and displaying the wonder of winter fishing, through a series of colorful activities, the festival showcased the development achievements of Chagan Lake in ecological protection and eco-tourism for many years and further implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instruction of "guarding the golden signboard of Chagan Lake well".

At the opening ceremony, a magical, mysterious and sacred ceremony of “sacrificing the lake • awakening the net” and the activity of "auctioning the first fish" were held. The activity of "auctioning the first fish" is undoubtedly the highlight of the opening ceremony. Cao Baoming, a famous folk expert in the province, and Zhang Wen, fish gangmaster of Chagan Lake, jointly recovered the first fish. This year, the starting price of the first fish is RMB 99,999, the maximum price increase is RMB 50,000, and finally, the first fish symbolizing good fortune is obtained by Panpan Food at a price of RMB 999,999.

This festival will last for two months from today to next February 28. During the festival, the "jumping fishes in ice lake" photography contest, the speech contest "I love the mother lake", the Chagan Lake fish culture painting and calligraphy competition, the tourism sitcom "spring Nabo" performance, the "crossing Chagan" ice and snow hiking, the "Chagan Lake fair of Songyuan specialty agricultural products for use during the Spring Festival" and other activities will be held to meet the needs of different tourists.

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