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Jing Junhai Presided over the Provincial Government’s Executive Meeting to Study and Dispatch the Province's Economic Operation
2018/12/25     Source:

On December 24, provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai presided over the 28th executive meeting of the provincial government in 2018 to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, implement the requirements of the enlarged meeting of the standing committee of the provincial Party committee, and study and dispatch the province’s economic operation and other work.

The meeting heard reports on the province’s completion of economic work in 2018 and preliminary arrangements for economic work in 2019, discussed and adopted the Several Policy Measures for Further Promoting the Reduction of Cost and Burden of the Real Economy in Jilin Province, the Implementation Opinions of Jilin Province on Promoting the High-quality Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Building an Upgraded Version of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Several Policies on Supporting the Development of the General Aviation Industry, the Plan of Jilin Province on Implementing the Three-Year Action Plan of Promoting the Adjustment of Transportation Structure (2018-2020), the Opinions on Promoting High-quality Development of the Ginseng Industry, the Implementation Opinions on Further Adjusting and Optimizing the Structure and Improving the Use Efficiency of Education Funds, the Implementation Plan on Deepening the Project Evaluation, Talent Evaluation, and Organizational Evaluation Reform, the Implementation Opinions of Jilin Province on Promoting Coordinated and Stable Development of Natural Gas in Jilin Province, the Implementation Plan on Deeply Promoting the Facilitation of Approval Services, and the Implementation Plan on Improving the Management of State-Owned Financial Capital and decided to report or issue them according to procedures.

The meeting pointed out, since the beginning of this year, the whole province has made concerted efforts and done a lot of work in stabilizing economic growth, deepening reform and opening up, promoting transformation and upgrading, expanding investment solicitation, optimizing the business environment, promoting regional coordinated development, and fighting the "three major battles" well so that the economic operation has stabilized and rebounded, the quality and efficiency have steadily improved, the conversion of old and new kinetic energy has been accelerated, and the people's life have been continuously improved. Need to strengthen confidence and recognize the situation, complete the work at the end of this year with no slack, and do the utmost to do the economic work next year well. Need to conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, plan projects, reserve policies, and research initiatives in advance, take the initiative to communicate and strive for support, and promote the comprehensive and all-round revitalization of Jilin.

The meeting stressed further promoting the real economy to reduce costs and reduce burdens is a key measure to optimize the business environment and stimulate the development vitality of enterprises. Need to formulate innovative policy measures, reduce the tax burdens and various costs such as labor and electricity use for enterprises, strengthen policy propaganda and interpretation, and fully release policy dividends.
The meeting pointed out promoting the high-quality development of innovation and entrepreneurship and is of great significance for nurturing and stimulating new kinetic energy and stimulating innovation to drive endogenous motivation. Need to seize opportunities, strengthen measures, optimize the environment, improve the innovation chain, enhance the innovation capability of manufacturing, and make up for the short board of innovation and entrepreneurship development.

The meeting stressed the development of the general aviation industry is conducive to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and fostering new growth points. Need to simplify the approval process, improve the air space, strengthen the construction of general airports and promote the application of navigation aircrafts in agricultural and forestry operations, ecotourism, and emergency rescue.

The meeting pointed out that optimizing the transportation structure is an inherent requirement for improving the transportation efficiency and winning the battle against pollution. Need to vigorously implement actions such as railway transportation capacity improvement, road freight transportation regulation, and multimodal transportation speed increase, integrate transportation resources, and improve the value-added service capacity of logistics.

The meeting stressed the ginseng industry has broad prospects for development. Need to improve the testing standards for ginseng planting, improve the quality assurance system, strengthen building of the “Changbai Mountain Ginseng” brand, do a good job in deep processing of ginseng, strengthen the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and develop the ginseng industry to be stronger and bigger.

The meeting pointed out improving the allocation and use efficiency of education resources is related to education equity. Need to adhere to problem orientation and effect orientation, focus on solving the problem of insufficient and uneven investment in education, and promote the balanced and inclusive development of compulsory education.

The meeting stressed deepening the project review, talent evaluation, and institutional evaluation reform is an important path for in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy. Need to optimize the evaluation and management mechanism of scientific research projects, improve the evaluation method of scientific and technological talents, improve the evaluation system of scientific research institutions and provide a strong support for economic and social development.

The meeting pointed out that promoting the coordinated and stable development of natural gas is of great significance for building a modern energy system and effectively controlling air pollution. Need to combine with direct and indirect gas use, clean utilization and conversion and utilization, accelerate construction of the natural gas production, supply and marketing system, improve supporting facilities such as gas storage pipelines, increase the intensity of “coal to gas”, and ensure the production and living needs as well as safe and stable operation.

The meeting stressed deeply promoting the facilitation of examination and approval services is an important measure to deepen the most thorough "decentralization, management and service" reform and the most efficient "running only once" reform. Need to adhere to the people-centered development thinking, use new management methods such as big data, take the satisfaction of the masses and enterprises as the standard, and create an examination and approval service mode of “easy to access, quick handling, strict management, people facilitation, and openness”.

The meeting stressed improving the management of state-owned financial capital is conducive to improving the efficiency of state-owned financial capital and enhancing the ability to prevent financial risks. Need to rationalize the state-owned financial capital management system, implement the local state-owned financial capital management system, and promote the sustained and healthy development of state-owned financial institutions in accordance with the central deployments.

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