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FAW-Volkswagen's 2 millionth Vehicle in 2018 Rolled off the Production Line
2018/12/25     Source:

On December 24, FAW-Volkswagen's 2 millionth vehicle in 2018 rolled off the production line in the assembly workshop of the Changchun base, marking the company's annual output exceeded 2 million vehicles for the first time. As the 1.999999 millionth complete vehicle Audi A4L and the 2 millionth complete vehicle new-generation Magotan slowly rolled off the production line, FAW-Volkswagen ushered in a crucial victory in "the battle of surmounting technical difficulties".

"From establishment to an annual output of 100,000 vehicles, FAW-Volkswagen spent 9 years; from an annual output of 100,000 vehicles to an annual output of 1 million vehicles, FAW-Volkswagen used 11 years, and from an annual output of 1 million vehicles to an annual output of 2 million, FAW-Volkswagen only took 7 years," said Wang Guofu, director of production at FAW-Volkswagen Changchun Base, to reporters.

The annual production of more than 2 million vehicles is a major achievement of FAW-Volkswagen to expand its production layout in the year of "surmounting technical difficulties". 2018 is the first year of the implementation of the "2025 Strategy" and FAW-Volkswagen’s four major bases, including Changchun Audi Q Factory, East China Base, South China Base Phase II and North China Base, were completed and put into operation in half a year, achieving the perfect landing of the strategic layout of five major bases in the country and providing a powerful driving force for the breakthrough in the output. Under the support of advanced manufacturing and quality assurance of the five bases, FAW-Volkswagen realized in-advance completion of production of ten models in the year and launched a number of blockbuster models to the market. From this January to November, FAW-Volkswagen sold 1.856676 million vehicles (including Audi imported cars), growing 4.2% year on year.

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