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Northeast Asian TCM Town Settled in Panshi
2018/12/25     Source:

On December 24, the business investment season of Panshi City • the 2nd Medical and Health Industry Forum & the unveiling activity of Northeast Asian Traditional Chinese Medicine Town was held in the city. More than 100 experts and scholars in the domestic medical field and representatives of pharmaceutical companies participated in the event.

In recent years, Panshi City has seized the opportunities of the new round of northeast revitalization strategy and the power expansion and county strengthening demonstration cities identified by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, vigorously implemented innovation driving and project driving, and cultivated and developed the industry's “four leading industries”. Especially, the vigorous development of the medical and health industry has driven the comprehensive revitalization of county economy. In 2018, Panshi City ranked 56 among the top 100 small- and medium-sized counties and cities by investment potential in 2018 and first in the province.

In 2018, Panshi City was named as the only characteristic town in the province by the “1,000 towns and 1,000 enterprises” office of China Urban-Townization Promotion Council. It was also identified as a characteristic town demonstration unit of Jilin Province by the provincial development and reform commission. Prior to the 2nd Medical and Health Industry Forum, relevant leaders of Panshi City and experts and scholars participating in the forum unveiled “Northeast Asian Traditional Chinese Medicine Town” located in Panshi Economic Development Zone.
In addition, the city also hired nine experts and scholars, including academician Chen Kaixian, former President of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Guo De’an of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Sciencesk and Dr. Yao Qiugen of China Urban-Townization Promotion Council and awarded a letter of appointment to the aforesaid experts and scholars.

On the afternoon, the experts and scholars also held a discussion on the development of Panshi Economic Development Zone and Panshi Medical Health Industrial Park.

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