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Jilin Provincial Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group Held a Collective (Enlarged) Learning Meeting
2018/05/11     Source:
On May 10, the provincial Party committee theory learning center group held a collective (enlarged) learning meeting to thoroughly learn and implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speeches at the second collective learning of the 19th Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and at the national network security and IT work meeting, strengthen development and application of big data and accelerate construction of digital Jilin. Provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu presided over the meeting and delivered a speech and the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician and Beijing Institute of Technology Vice President made a thematic guidance lecture.

At the learning meeting, focusing on issues such as understanding big data, responding to big data, and applying big data, Mei Hong made a report that was theoretical, instructive, and practical so that everyone would more profoundly understand status and trends of big data development, influences of big data to economic and social development and issues that need to be grasped in implementing the big data strategy.

After listening to the report, Bayanqolu pointed out General Secretary Xi Jinping attached great importance to development of big data, specifically delivered an important speech and made important strategic plans on implementing the national big data strategy at the second collective learning of the 19th Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, put forward clear requirements for development of big data at the national network security and IT work meeting, and pointed out the direction for construction of digital China and a strong network country. We must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches, conscientiously implement the national big data strategy, accelerate construction of digital Jilin, and provide strong support for promoting high-quality development and achieving comprehensive revitalization of Jilin.

Bayanqolu emphasized need to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to promote construction of digital Jilin, firmly grasp the historical opportunity of information revolution, accelerate application of big data technology and industrial development, and constantly create a new situation for construction of digital Jilin. Need to strengthen integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the real economy and promote transformation of traditional industries. Actively nurture new industries, new business formats and new modes such as cloud computing and e-commerce, and accumulate new development momentum. Need to effectively promote research of the core technology of big data, actively promote construction of digital government and new smart cities, pay attention to playing the important role of big data in ensuring and improving people's livelihood, and effectively ensure data security. Need to speed up improvement of digital infrastructure, establish a market-based data application mechanism, continue to strengthen the business environment, actively innovate in personnel training modes, make full efforts to do the factor service guarantee work well and provide strong support for construction of digital Jilin. Party committees and governments at all levels in the province should put construction of digital Jilin in a more prominent position, improve the organizational implementation mechanism, increase overall coordination, pay close attention to implementation of key tasks, strengthen propaganda and popularization, and promote construction of digital Jilin in a solid and effective way.

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