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The 13th China Changchun Film Festival Ended
2016/10/17     Source:

By reporter Ma Lu) On the evening of October 15, the red carpet paved in Changchun City Gymnasium was star bright. The 5-day 13th China Changchun Film Festival (CFF) ended in the collective praises of guests and friends from all directions, professionals and ordinary citizens. SAPPRFT Film Bureau director Zhang Hongsen and deputy director Li Guoqi attended the closing ceremony and awards ceremony and provincial and Changchun City leaders Wang Junzheng, Miao Yupeng, Li Jinxiu and Shao Zhonghai, together with the on-site audience, enjoyed a movie festival full of spiritual strength.

As the country's first film festival named with a city, CFF undertakes the glorious mission of developing the film industry, prospering the cultural undertaking, promoting cultural exchanges and demonstrating the achievements of building beautiful China, beautiful Jilin and happy Changchun. "Golden Deer Award" attracted a large number of film people and high-quality films to participate, highlighting the authority and influence of Chinese-language films; the premiere of epic movie "Warriors" to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Red Army Long March victory made ultimate interpretation of the profound connotation of the spirit that warriors are immortal and long live the people; "the power of film reviews" special planning activity was wonderful; 107 classic films participated in the film screening, allowing the audience to enjoy the charm of the film culture; more than 600 actor guests actively participated and the opening and closing ceremonies were star bright and showed an unprecedentedly grand occasion; "together to sing film songs"-led mass cultural activities were wonderful and attracted millions of people to enthusiastically participate, fully demonstrating the film culture's unique charm and vitality and fully embodying the CFF-holding philosophy "films' feast and people's festival".

This CFF's closing ceremony and awards ceremony, themed with "China film • Changchun consensus", in addition to interspersing the conventional "Golden Deer Award" presentation into theatrical performances with great connotation, has added "the Power of film review", "alliance of art cinema lines" and "China film • Changchun consensus" dragon logo lightening ceremony, etc., enriching with this CFF's theme "showing China's film power and re-climbing the Chinese film peak" and highlighting the big pattern of taking over from the past and setting a new course for the future of Chinese films. Moreover, the closing ceremony's situational performance program "My Long March", "One Day", theme song of film "Beginning of the Great Revival", etc. all expressed a salute to the 80th anniversary of the Red Army Long March victory. In the past few days, the current "Golden Deer Award" jury has paid a lot of hard work and efforts and made detailed consideration of 15 shortlisted films. Eventually, "Datang Xuanzang" became the biggest winner and won the Best Chinese Story Film Award, the Best Actor Award (Huang Xiaoming) and the Best Photography Award. Derek Tung-Sing Yee won the best director award with "I Am Somebody", Peng Sanyuan won the Best Screenplay Award with "Lost and Lonely", Bai Baihe won the Best Actress Award with "Monster Hunt", Wang Luodan won the Best Supporting Actress Award with "The Dead End", "The Taking of Tiger Mountain" won the Best Visual Effect Award, and "To The Fore" won the Best Music Award. This CFF's organizing committee-established special jury award was presented to "Great Campaign with One Hundred Regiments" and "Old Aunt".

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