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Jilin Fuhang Aviation College Settles
2015/12/30     Source:


This is the demonstration site of Fuhang's DA40 trainer. Photo by Zhu Yiming

As the newly-delivered aircraft has rapidly taken off at Ertaizi Airport, on December 25, Jilin City Fuhang Aviation College's pilot training and other projects were officially signed to settle in Jilin City and the collage also demonstrated the flying of DA40 trainer on the day. This means Jilin City will have a "flight driving school" ever since.

Not long ago, Jilin Shanhe Navigable Services Limited-made two light sport aircrafts have just rolled off the production line. Right now, the collage has fallen to the ground, showing Jilin City's industrial upgrading project-mainly promoted general aviation industrial park has set off a "double voice cracker".

Jilin City Fuhang Aviation College, sponsored by Beijing Xinhua Quartet Investment and North United International Investment Management, is a general aviation company approved by the CAAC in April 2015. The college, with a planned investment of RMB 2 billion, is planned to be built in three phases, such as completing the infrastructure construction; purchasing 30 aircrafts in three years for private and commercial pilot license training; building a 4S shop for aircrafts and a well-known aircraft display center and introducing into relevant models to carry out assembling and manufacturing.

The project is located in Jilin Aviation Industrial Park, Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone that signed a project settlement cooperation agreement with Fuhang on the forenoon of December 25. Later, Jilin City's leaders and Fuhang's top executives have jointly visited the park's DA40 trainer assembling site. At the workshop, six workers are installing the wings and propellers of a small DA40 aircraft. This aircraft, with a scientific name "single screw and single wing carbon fiber composite material aircraft", has four seats and is 8.01 meters long and its wingspan is 11.94 meters wide. Its takeoff distance is short, the flying range is 1,056 kilometers, the cruise speed can reach 272 kilometers, the flying altitude can reach 5,000 meters and each is sold at RMB 3 million. Currently, 90% of domestic pilot training institutions use DA40 as the main trainer.

"Now, there are two DA40 aircrafts delivered for use. Before February 2016, there will be six trainers to be delivered to Fuhang, said Fuhang President, adding "the collage's training building, office building, dormitory and other infrastructure will be completed at the end of 2017. Later, Fuhang will build a navigation flight club to carry out air tour, establish the domestic first aerobatics executed by the Chinese and provide comprehensive services from aircraft purchase to maintenance in the future." On the forenoon of December 25, Fuhang President personally drove the just-delivered DA40 aircraft for a show flight at Jilin City Ertaizi Airport. "Fuhang's first flight" in this ice and snow world has provoked an enthusiastic applause at the site, indicating Jilin aviation industrial park's development has re-stepped onto a new level.

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