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Hunchun's Quanhe Port Was Approved to be a Designated Port for Importing Frozen and Fresh Aquatic Products
2015/12/22     Source:

Recently, Hunchun City-located Hunchun Port to Russia and Quanhe Port to North Korea were officially approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to be designated ports for importing frozen and fresh aquatic products. This is the first time the land ports connecting the three countries are approved to be designated ports for importing frozen and fresh aquatic products at the same time in China.

Currently, the country has only approved 50 designated ports for importing frozen and fresh aquatic products, most of which are seaports and airports. The ports will enable frozen and fresh aquatic products from South Korea, Russia, Japan, North Korea and other countries to directly enter Hunchun via Hunchun and Quanhe ports to cut the time difference from raw material producing areas to processing and sales places and greatly cut enterprises' transport cost and raw material processing cost so as to attract more and more re aquatic products processing enterprises to settle in Hunchun.

A relevant person in charge of Hunchun Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said, as the social development and the people's living standard have continued to improve, instant frozen and fresh aquatic products from Russia and North Korea have been gradually favored by consumers. The two ports will greatly meet the province's people's needs for such products.

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