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A Thorough Train to the Silicon Valley Will Start
2015/12/04     Source:

On December 15 and 16, Yitian Group will hold "a ceremony for China's Changchun to establish a sister city relationship with the US' Silicon Valley & Silicon Valley New City innovation and entrepreneurship forum" to open a thorough train from Yitian's Silicon Valley New City to the US' Silicon Valley.

The US' Silicon Valley is an area where the world's innovation elements, venture capital and entrepreneurial teams are the most concentrated and active. Yitian's Silicon Valley New City, as the second-to-none innovation and entrepreneurship representative in Changchun, will form interconnection with the US' Silicon Valley relying on integrating the existing advantages of Changchun and Shenzhen and build a perfect "Silicon Valley thorough train" mechanism, which is bound to promote the development of Changchun's innovative enterprises to a great extend and boost the province's innovation and entrepreneurship cause to take off.

At the ceremony & forum on December 15 and 16, Yitian will invite the US' Silicon Valley Mayor, innovative entrepreneurs as well as representatives of Stanford University to visit Changchun and promote Changchun to establish a sister city relationship with the US' s Menlo Park and Mountain View. The Silicon Valley New City will take this opportunity to establish a long-term effective communication and contact platform with the participating Stanford University and representative enterprises to jointly build "the through train to Silicon Valley".

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