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"CNR Changchun-made" Chinese-standard EMU Rolled Off the Production Line
2015/07/06     Source:

Recently, a Chinese-standard EMU independently researched and developed by CNR Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. and with a speed of 350 km a kilometer, rolled off the production line from the circular test base of China Academy of Railway Sciences, laying a solid foundation for China to achieve full autonomy and standardization on EMUs.

In order to build a high-speed EMU design and manufacturing platform suitable to China's national and road situation and achieve full autonomy on the high-speed EMU technology, since the beginning of 2012, CNR Changchun, under the guidance of China Railway Corporation, has integrated domestic relevant enterprises, colleges and universities and scientific research units and other superior forces, closely combined with "industry-education-research-application" and innovated in a coordinated manner, and carried out the Chinese-standard EMU research work. In December 2013, CNR Changchun completed developing the general technical conditions for EMUs, completed the plan design in September 2014 and finally completed the EMU this June. CNR Changchun chief engineer Liang Zhichao said the "CNR Changchun-made" Chinese-standard EMU design and research work has followed a safe, reliable, simple, uniform, economic, energy-saving and environment-friendly principle and the project team has increased innovation in facilitating use, environmental protection, energy saving, reducing the life cycle cost, further improving the safety redundancy, etc.

According to the overall arrangement for the Chinese-standard EMU research and development work, next step, the EMU will receive 600,000-km experimental verification and optimization.
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