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The 12th Northeast China (Changchun) International Labor Protection Supplies Fair 2014 Will Be Held
2014/05/08     Source:

The 12th Northeast China (Changchun) International Labor Protection Supplies Fair 2014 will be held at Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 22 to 24, 2014.

The host and support units include the provincial department of industry and information technology of Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

At the previous three-day fair, nearly 50,000 domestic and international professional buyers and industry insiders from South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries and regions came to purchase, negotiate and visit, creating the more than ever.

Speaking of labor protection supplies, people may first think of helmets, safety belts and gloves, while safety shoes, protective boots and other supplies to protect the feet of laborers are often neglected. This fair will exhibit four major categories of nearly 1,000 kinds of products, including personal protective devices such as supplies for head protection, eye and face protection and foot and hand protection, protective clothing, fall protection products, respiratory protective gears and water rescue supplies; professional clothing and materials such as flame-retardant, anti-static and water- and oil-repellent clothing and materials and frocks; safety monitoring instruments such as various types of monitoring instruments on radiation and microwave, static, noises, dust and poison; safe production equipment such as traffic safety equipment, miner safety equipment, oil workers safety equipment, machinery safety guards, construction safety equipment, electrical safety equipment, safety testing and monitoring equipment, emergency rescue equipment and fire-fighting equipment.

"Labor protective supplies" is a definition highlighting Chinese characteristics, grows together with the People's Republic of China and goes through severe tests of the planned allocation, reform and opening up and market economy. During the "12th Five-year Plan" period, the country will increase investments in production safety and has become a huge consumption market of labor protective supplies with the government's increasing supervision and workers' enhancing protection consciousness. As a provincial capital, Changchun City is located in the center of three provinces in Northeast China and has a good geographical advantage and the city's economic development is rapid thanks to the country's preferential policy to revitalize the northeast old industrial base. Some foreign investors have taken an optimistic outlook to the city's development potential and increased investments in Changchun. This has right created a space for the nurturing and growth of the fair in Changchun, introduced the fair's sponsor.

This fair is expected to attract the attention of domestic and foreign companies engaging the production, distribution and use of occupational labor safety, protection (labor protective supplies and safety shoes) and health products and is the preferred platform for Changchun enterprises to learn about the industry dynamics, open up new markets and win new business opportunities. Meanwhile, the Northeast China Labor Protection Supplies Forum 2014 and the Northeast China Labor Protection Supplies Buyers Conference 2014 will be held.

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