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Large children's drama - "Red Lanterns in the Mountain" by Changchun Performing Arts Group debut in Beijing
2014/05/07     Source:

After two years of preparation and improvement, "Red Lanterns in the Mountain", a large children's original drama launched by Changchun Performing Arts Group, will debut China Children's Art Theater on May 6 and 7.

The "Red Lanterns in the Mountain" crew of Changchun Performing Arts Group Theatre departed from Changchun on May 2. Under the strong support of China Children's Art Theater and after sleepless stage setting on May 3 and 4, the preparatory work was completed on May 5. In full spirits, they will give a wonderful performance to Beijing audience.

Changchun Performing Arts Group Theatre was founded in 1956, has rehearsed more than 400 ancient and modern plays, and created a number of outstanding plays which are known nationwide, such as "Over the Roofs", "New to the Village", "Save Her", "Ji Hongchang" "Sun Yat-sen" and "Mountain is Like Green Curtain". It has won several national awards, cultivated a large number of outstanding performing arts talent, was cordially received by Premier Zhou Enlai, and has won many accolades. This troupe who enjoys a wide range of professional influence and reputation nationwide went to Beijing to present a large children's drama - "Red Lanterns in the Mountain" adapted based on a true story for the Beijing residents.

With the experience that an urban student Zheng Tianyu was sent by his father to a rural school to receive "special education" as the main line, the large children's drama - "Red Lanterns in the Mountain" describes the story that the urban student Zheng Tianyu and the rural left-behind children such as Tiedan and Zhao Gang had conflicts, concept collisions, helped each other, made progress together, and finally forged a profound friendship. Since its premiere in January 2013, "Red Lanterns in the Mountain" has been performed for more than 100 times, warmly welcomed by the majority of the audience, especially children and parents. In just two years, the drama has not only won the first prize of the "provincial transformed art troupes’ key drama selection", but also won the highest literary awards granted by the governments of Changchun City and Jilin Province   - Clivia Literary Award and Changbai Mountain Literary Award. “This is the first time for our province’s drama to be performed in Beijing since the cultural system reform”, said Zhou Gang, Director of the Literary Division of the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department. The drama not only represents the highest level of Jilin Province’s dramas, but also displays the latest result of our province’s cultural reform.

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