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China International Industrial Equipment (Changchun) Exhibition to be opened
2014/05/07     Source:

The 15th China International Industrial Equipment (Changchun) Exhibition of 2014 will be opened in Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 22 to 25.

It is an industrial class professional exhibition sponsored by Changchun municipal government. This exhibition is co-sponsored by Changchun Mold Industry Association, Changchun Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Shenyang Mold Tooling Association to be an exchange event for the mold industries in the three northeastern provinces. During the exhibition, China FAW Group Corporation, FAW Die Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China CNR Group and other companies will work together to show the strength and style of the mold industry in the Northeast, and strive to build Changchun Industrial Equipment Exhibition into a large trade show with positive influence at home and abroad. 

Changchun Industrial Equipment Exhibition was started in 1999 in Changchun City. After a dozen years of careful cultivation, the exhibition has become an industrial order-placing meeting with an extensive influence, the largest size and the best effect in northern China, and the best trading platform for the industrial enterprises in Northeast Asia. The current session of exhibition will more scientifically set the exhibition areas, for the sake of convenient visit and easy peer exchange. The current session of exhibition sets various exhibition areas: the machine tool exhibition area includes metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, non-traditional machine tools and professional equipment as well as other related products; the mold exhibition area includes automotive stamping dies, plastic molds and other related products; and the industrial automation exhibition area includes production automation, process automation, robotics technology, etc.; and the molding machine exhibition area includes plastic processing molding equipment, plastic equipment and accessories as well as other related products.

The environment-friendly and energy-saving equipment exhibition area is a bright spot of the exhibition. Waste disposal and recycling, water treatment, recycling economy and comprehensive utilization of resources, transportation energy conservation, new energy and other new technology and equipment will be on display.

As the Twelfth Five-year plan is comprehensively started, rail transportation, automobiles and energy sectors will be developed by leaps and bounds. The Northeast is China’s old industrial base, and Changchun is a famous automobile city as well as a base of railway vehicles and energy generation, which will stimulate the tremendous growth of and demand for the industrial equipment industry. Changchun Industrial Equipment Exhibition of 2014 will deepen the close cooperation with relevant industry associations, organize strong lineup of exhibition groups to exhibit and visit, to further enhance the professional quality and degree of internationalization of the exhibition.

To expand the size effect of the exhibition, the Fifteenth International CNC Machine Tool and Metalworking Exhibition, the Fifteenth International Cutting & Welding and Hardware Exhibition will be concurrently held. According to the related person with Changchun Mold Industry Association, Changchun Mold Industry Association has nearly 200 member units, some of whom have a certain size and have the ability to undertake orders from large automotive panel molds to coin-sized fine molds.

Trying to integrate the enterprises’ resources advantage, Changchun Model Industry Association forms a group at the current session of Changchun Industrial Equipment Exhibition "to be married" by the demand orders. According to the related person with Changchun Mold Industry Association, due to the impact of the climatic conditions, the spring is the start of the year and the peak time for mold enterprises to undertake orders. A professional exhibition like Changchun Industrial Equipment Exhibition creates a good opportunity for the development of Changchun’s mold industry and auto parts industry. To this end, for the sake of development of the mold industry, Changchun Mold Industry Association will hold the Northeast three provinces summit during the exhibition, which will cover automobile and auto parts manufacturing, railway vehicle manufacturing and other industries related with precision machining and mold manufacturing. The meeting will help the industries and enterprises to develop new markets, promote exchanges and promote innovation from policy, market, financing, human resources, technology development and other aspects. 

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