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Changbai volcano ruins scenic area opened to the public
2014/05/07     Source:

During the May Day holiday, Changbai Mountain’s volcano ruins scenic area was officially opened to the public, attracting many tourists to visit.

Changbai Mountain’s volcano ruins scenic area is a new tourism zone developed by Changbai Mountain Peace Skiing Co., Ltd. on the basis of the original Peace Skiing tourism project. The volcano ruins scenic area is located on Changbai Mountain basalt plateau and tableland, is a peak with the shortest distance from Changbai Mountain’s main peak, and is formed after billions of years of geologic age. After a lot of volcanic lava cooled here, the original remains of volcanic eruption have been presented, forming a spectacular landscape, including beautiful volcanic ruins landscape belts, mysterious stone sea, jade-like waterfalls, charming beauty pines, etc. What an uncanny workmanship and natural masterpiece. According to reports, Changbai Mountain’s volcano ruins scenic area has is 1034 meters above sea level, and has a drop height of 140 meters, covers a total area of ​​215 hectares. The following scenic areas are open the public: the stone sea, the lovers pine, the hanging kettle waterfall, the toad staring at the pool, the water curtain cave, the fairy fox hole and the deer valley, etc.

While traveling at Changbai Mountain’s volcano ruins scenic area, visitors not only can enjoy the virgin forest scenery, but also can learn volcanic knowledge, to have physical and mental pleasure, broaden their horizons and refine the mind. The just completed Finland-style cabin allows visitors to enjoy the Northern Europe style and experience exotic warm and sweet atmosphere. Meanwhile, there is a camping site in the scenic area, which is also an ideal choice for the self-driving travel enthusiasts.

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